How many forum members does it takes to change a light bulb?


surely for the sake of the environment the light is better left unchanged? :wink:



must be about time we replaced ours and put in an energy efficient one …



[QUOTE=DoubleTop;453389]must be about time we replaced ours and put in an energy efficient one …


If it’s not broken…(and it’s not a pc over 2 weeks old), then no need to upgrade :slight_smile:


Are there enough members left to do it :confused:


1700? Should be enough…


right, then what we need are a few meetings to decide when it needs changing, who is doing the changing, and what type we’re changing it to :slight_smile:

can’t be too careful when it comes to an important job like this … eh Balrog :wink:


But before that, we need a meeting to decide the itinerary for the first meeting and elect members to take the chair, take the minutes etc. :smiley:


[QUOTE=DoubleTop;453389]must be about time we replaced ours and put in an energy efficient one …


Nothing more than advance luddite-ism, stop that immeadiatly.
When you fall over stuff waiting for your dolphin friendly bulb to reach operating temperatire and 50% of its claimed light output you may see why the eco-bulb route is doomed.

Dont get me started on dimmable compact fklourescent bulbs either or I will go and iron my shouting trousers.


my house is full of halogen spotlights :slight_smile: oddly it’s considered better to have 4x50w per room and enough heat given off them to melt skin …

I tried to change one without consulting the forum members first :wink:



how very domesticated :smiley:


Hmm - there must be a bulb needs changing by now


Only if it’s a fluorescent type ;). L O Alta :wavey:


Times have changed.
We need to add some members to considered this activity from the viewpoint of environmental whole life cost and final recycling.

Hi Alta :slight_smile:


We can’t keep on changing these light bulbs, it gets quite expensive over the years.

I propose we look at alternative ways to light the place up.

My Idea: Stick a few funnels on the roof and connect them to various lengths of tubing. Terminate the other ends of the tubing in the ceilings and voila, the light is collected by the funnel and flows through the tubing and into the rooms below :smiley:

I haven’t bothered to apply for a patent on this idea, so feel free to use it without charge :lol:

oh and no need to thank me, I guess some of us are just pretty darn clever when it matters :wink:


Nope I have a solution.

Find the wall shared with next door, fit a honking great window and use their light bulb instead


Cracking idea TFW … although those living in detached houses will still be pricing up tubing :slight_smile:


how about asking major to set us up some solar panels, then we can sell the extra electricity back to the system.


so a year has passed, and the bulb has blown and we can start all over again :smiley:



Bring me a chair and I’ll change the F******* Bulb!!!


Huston we have a problem - ‘The Bulb checks out fine’… in-fact seems the wiring has gone -Looks like the Rats from the dungeon have been going hungry of late and managed to make there way up to the attic in search of edibles.

Well its seems the noise from the crunchers in the attic were too noisy for them and in error on trying to silence them they eat through the lighting ring circuit instead of the one for the wall sockets.

We need an electrician !!!