How many forum members does it takes to change a light bulb?


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Errm, surely anyone involvedin TPR in anyway is automatically enrolled into that union? :slight_smile:


Replaces light bulb found it flickering had a space 40watter incan handy lol


I thought they were illegal? Can’t you be arrested by Interpol for using one of them or chased by some very angry Greenpeace members at least? :slight_smile:


nah, that used to be the case but things have changed in the world of international major crime.

now it’s nothing to do with the bulb itself but how you dispose of the packaging it came in :lol:


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Noticed the lights on - but seems nobody home.

Anyhow been down the dungeon I’ve ransacked the fridge as feeling a bit peckish was going to take my chances with this Turnip and ham soup dated 2009 but Doris was looking a bit thin so cooked that for Doris instead.

Doris is looking a bit stiff but seems to have a smile I think the Turnip and Ham soup was enjoyed the light is a bit dim down here so hard to tell.

Anyhow switches the lights off on way out <Make the bulb last longer> :slight_smile:

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Should we swap the bulb for an LED one? Wont need changing for ages then!

Any preferences on cool white or warm white?


Warm white. Cool white is always eerie.


Depends if the LEDs are dimmer compatible, its nice to be able to turn down the light at the end of the tunnel when required.


Lighting that uses a dimmer switch ? how extravagant, simply place your glasses inside the computer case for 10 minutes to attract the dust, and then wear them with a ‘dimmed’ view of the world :smiley:


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That turnip soup is bit lively now, you could have at least washed up PMM …


I’ve been switching lights at home over to LED as the CFLs slowly die out. But the LEDs seem to come with a new set of problems. Some minisun branded ones give a perceptible flicker. You don’t see it as much as feel it. Bad! I think one of their spotlights also prematurely blew, probably not the LEDs but too cheap a drive circuit. A good tip I got from a guy at work, are the ones sold by toolstation. Can’t remember brand they’re sold under, but they give out a decent light level, don’t cost a lot, and do seem to last.

Apologies if I’m ruining the thread by actually making a factual post :smiley:


Well on the subject of factual posts and CFL …

Pauses to be away from breakable things and sharp objects …

I built a summer house and under the instruction of a Chap from building control I installed A rated light fittings with dimmable CFL.
Everybody was happy until a few months later I had used both the spares supplied with the 12 originals.

The trouble is these fittings will only take certain CFL bulbs which are arse achingly expensive at £10 a pop and only last about three months.
The down lighters have an SGU10 fitment which is an ordinary GU10 modified to prevent planet warming bulbs being fitted.
led bulbs can be sourced for £75 each :eek: but they are shorter so will look stupid and give poor light distribution.

So the best part of £400 later I can blunder about in the dark safe in the knowledge that the Polar bears don’t need a lifeboat, YaY.
If the same Chap comes back when some more building work takes place his clipboard may cause him some discomfort on the way home.

| sed -e ‘s/hap /OCK!!! /g’


I just went round, removed all the dimmer switches that we had put in here, same reason when house was refurbished before we brought it.

I now fit the £4 ones from LED hut, 3W focussed - the 4W wide angles are too bright with 4 in a room, but they don’t do a 3W wide angle :frowning:


CFL will blow faster because of heat. If in a lamp pot or not open enough to good air movement —they fail quickly. Also the answer is zero on light changes at TPR we use wood burning in fire pit because we are old school!


Throws a few extra logs on the pit, I am going to need the extra light :slight_smile:


A small, well managed fire pit does provide plenty of light