I've had a really shitty day!


Was heading for the airport when I got a phone call from the cop in charge of the collision investigation… he had good news for me - my car was getting released from the investigation and also I could have my mobile back as well…

Hopefully I’ll have some news about the insurance claim soon…


Well, as of today I’m now looking for a new set of wheels… the damage was classified as being too much to repair compared to the value of the car…:sob::sob::sob:

After a bit of negotiation the 3rd offer for a payout was accepted, so as soon as I return from me hols I’m going looking for a nice low mileage Volvo C30… got me eye on one, just hope it’s still for sale in 2 weeks time!!!


Not another VOLVO !
You’ll never get let out at junctions, and no, 72 mph in the middle lane when there’s nothing else on the motorway is not legal or correct. And, stop lingering in the outside lane overtaking lorries at 60.01 Mph.




Yep… another Volvo C30… The reality is it’s just a Ford Focus in a posh frock and that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it…


Just read in the paper today that Ford is recalling all Ford Focuses from model years 2012 - 2018 to fix a problem with a fuel valve that can get left open in certain situations and the Electronic Engine Control (EEC) doesn’t notice the situation to close the valve. Apparently reprogramming the EEC makes the thing track the valve’s status correctly.


It’s now over a week since I accepted the settlement figure and I’m still waiting for the payout!!! :angry::angry::angry:


Well, I’ve done a deal on a replacement car - A red 2009 C30 and I’m picking it up on Thursday…

Fingers crossed I get the insurance payout in my account before then… One good thing is the price I’m paying for the vehicle is less than my insurance settlement…


Well, I’ve got me new one… It’s in great condition for it’s age, same engine and gearbox and drives well. It’s only done 63000 miles in 9 years and came with all MOT certificates and receipts for everything…

Only sad thing is it’s missing most of the toys me first C30 had, but does have the heated seat option…

I guess the one thing I can’t manage without is the ability to play music off a USB stick… but I’ve sorted out a way around that… managed to acquire an Alpine EZI DAB unit that has USB input so will be getting fitted soon


The heated seats and new stereo will keep you amused while you’re sat at junctions and nobody lets you out.
Put a ‘Keep Left’ sticker on the dashboard where you can see it too. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:



I got me replacement car via an ad on fleabay… I access fleabay through topcashback.co.uk. I got a nice little surprise this morning… they paid out £181 on the transaction… they were offering 5% cashback on the day I did the deal, it’s normally 1%!!!

One toy I was missing was the fuel computer, which was a factory fitted option on my previous C30. It can be enabled by a dealer installing the software… had it enabled last week at a cost of £329 at my local Volvo stealer and it only took about 10 minutes!!!