TPR Lan Event November 2018


I’ve the new one and all the old ones as well

The net is pretty strong at the event, so there will be the chance to download and install some games.


The only games in OP I own are ut2004 and original counterstrike. Probably haven’t touched either of those since lowfield. Fortnite BR is a free download isn’t it?


Will be there setting up from about 4:30pm tomorrow, see everyone soon !



Doing some last minute slacking now, see you tomorrow.


my head … :sleepy::sleeping::tired_face:


but your arms are ok? :banana:

Finally cleared a space at home for beat saber. If no one hears from me again, it probably means I punched trough a fish tank.


Good luck!! :smiley:

I’ve set back up at home, wall punched twice as got used to playing in the larger area :frowning:


I still need to clear more space it seems… still tapping things occasionally.


Well impressed with the VR - Still not sure I’d cope with my ear balance issues but was presently surprised I managed not to crash to the floor on that star wars flying ones :slight_smile: wonder if I could sneak one into server Room at work lol :joy: though when I took headset off to be facing the wall that was a bit of a strange moment lol


the “I’m where???” :confused: look was amusing, after we had made sure you weren’t about to fall down !


The Alta Scratch & Sniff technical demo was educational…



Affiliate Link for the kit you all enjoyed quite so much


You mentioned there was a mod installer for Beat Saber, got a link please?



Down to £349 for a certain deal day - we should have loads of them for the next lan with them at this price!

Buy buy buy!!

(yes this is a TPR affiliate link)