*Updated* Rising from the Flames we are staying put!


So a week after talking to many people on GDPR - the main thing that affects a community site is the information request and possible deletion requests. These requests do have a default timescale according to the GDPR - so I would need someone else to step up into admin role who is a bit techy and can handle a little bit of control panel usage.

I’ve registered a new domain-name, same team name but will work a little over the next couple of weeks with a new stack of software. A new domain name is cleaner in terms of the regulations, no grandfather right issues as all old data can be shot. We’ve not had that much on here for the past few years and a lot of the “useful” threads are now obsolete - a clean refresh and restart with a new software stack could be all we need to keep a site running.

Last real person new member that wasn’t a spammerbot, nearly five years ago!


You present a fairly convincing argument for pulling the plug.

Five years since a sign up.

Thumbs up from me, Doubletop cleared for Double-Tap.

Any objectors, make yourselves known…


Can we not just put a large banner across the front page stating

If you want Data Privacy you’re in the wrong place, please use Microsoft, Google and Facebook for that.

:haha: :devil:

To be honest though I don’t crunch any more, I just call in occasionally to see what’s happening. I’m not exactly local to many of you so any social events which may happen are questionable for attendance.
I hate farcebook with a passion so probably won’t see you guys there. 5yrs without a new member also speaks volumes about the impact social media apps have had . . . the bots will miss us though :wink:

:tiphat: :wolram:


Belated happy birthday Wolly, I saw it pop up on here then forgot to start a thread.
Think I have forgotten how to start a new thread to be honest :wolram:


A little bit sad, another chapter closed, thank you for all the effort to keep this forum going!

Remembered the old seti@home days and looked for the forums - just to see it’s about to close… hope you’re are all doing well!


Forgot to ask… what’s the name of the Facebook group - and if it’s the obvious “Team Phoenix Rising”, is it the one with the Ethernet switch picture?


[QUOTE=wolf;468233]Forgot to ask… what’s the name of the Facebook group - and if it’s the obvious “Team Phoenix Rising”, is it the one with the Ethernet switch picture?[/QUOTE]That’s the one. It’s the gigabit switch from the mojo meet I think?

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I’ve set a whippersnapper onto the case of updating the entire shebang, importing the data and doing some cleansing to retain active users and keep us all compliant.

Watch this space!


[QUOTE=placidsheep;468234]That’s the one. It’s the gigabit switch from the mojo meet I think?

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Yep, that one - already joined - thank you very much!


Sad to read the heading but not surprised, kind of lost its way hasn’t it. Seti isn’t really something I think of any more, bonic became a something you didn’t need to do much with to get working and it seemed more important to turn stuff off rather than leave it going 24/7

That all said i’ve got into crypto now and have a mining rig running 6 cards which is kind of fun and reminds me of the days when I had 6 motherboards on a wall crunching but with the added bonus that its does make money.

Do what you need to do DT, if it can live on with some other path then all good. :banana:


Some of us are still crunching!!!

I’m still devoting my crunchers to medical research … most of the time… I’m now down to 4 and a bit crunchers… That “bit” is my Nokia 8 running Rosetta@home tasks whilst charging… That’s a fraction of what I used to run on SETI!!



Doris stood firm in front of the power switch, denied access to custard for life. I couldn’t take that.


Its alright this new thing, a bit sparse compared to the old site, maybe its just de-cluttered.

Less is more or something something something


It is a shame that we’re closing down but truth be told I think I pop in every 2 years or so after being a member for around 16 :smile:


Juggy , just keep dropping by, I might need some weird pool cleaner bits again this summer.



really should change the forum topic now - this new fangled thingy is pretty nice and easy to maintain


Or even close this topic as it’s no longer applicable *<8-)


nah - why stop the pure topic for :spam: while in the guise of “testing” ?


Hahaha, if you do just shout although we are emigrating to Qatar in a few months so better hurry :wink:


So, my wife leaves for Qatar on Saturday on a one way ticket. Kids go over in September then I go over in November.

Exciting times ahead…

Hopefully in 3-4 years time we will make the move to the US of A and if we’re really lucky Trump will no longer be in office