What annoyed me today...


WAMT - Not being able to get to sleep due to pain in stomach & thigh. Pain finally subsided and I nodded off, only to be woken a short time later by alarm :woozy_face:


Thats quite common.
The usual root cause is Sofa-Paralasys progressing to a full furniture-coma causing you roll onto the remotes.

Switch to a low-netflix intake.

Computers have annoyed me this evening.
and indeed Harrumph!



plesk + letsencrypt + docker + ubuntu

Yes, we were down for a while :frowning:


But as usual you sorted it no probs :biggrin:

WAMT - Housing Association & their contractors. Tbf that’s not just today, it’s been a regular occurrence since October :tired_face:


Some of those HA chaps did a fantastic job of swapping a radiator over at my Mums house.
Old single radiator off, new slightly larger double unit in place hung on the wall where it should be even quite level, popped in without an appointment while she was at the hospital and just cracked on.

They forgot just one thing, compression seals need to be on every pipe if you dont want the tenant to find water slopping out onto the doormat when they come back.

They did pay up eventually for all the things that got water damaged, some of which may not have worked in the first place and may not have even been in the house much less on the floor before Bodgermore&Scarper paid a visit.

She even haggled a few quid extra as running the heating flat out with the windows open to dry the place would cost a fortune, Gawd bless her.


Good on your Mum :smile:

For us it is the hoist in daughter’s bedroom that needs a new battery as it struggles to lift her and it’s supposed to have a SWL of 350kg which she is just over a tenth of. Numerous times the contractor has been and stated said battery is not in stock and they will order it in. Numerous times we have phoned to chase it up to be told they have no record of it needing replaced :roll_eyes:

Then there is the farce of the HA arranging to change bathroom to wetroom for said daughter. First guy never bothered his ass sorting even a site visit for 3 months. He left and woman took over who actually started the ball rolling. Emailed her yesterday regarding start date (supposed to be this month) to get an auto reply saying she no longer worked there. Phoned HA yesterday to find out what was happening to find out previous lazy ass is doing that job again and of course there was no answer on his phone :unamused: