What cheered me up today


And you get a pair of gloves when you become a politician :smiley:


Hmmmm, hogmoor, in a Daihatsu ?

Thats a proper green oval getting recovered!


that’s at the far end, and will be proper sticky after this rain, park at the top and watch the nutters :lol:

In the summer, dry, Ruby manged that run by bouncing along with some serious use of the noise pedal and 2nd gear, the left to right path through that hole is also quite good fun.

//edit that looks a lot more like Broxhead than Hogmoor :confused:


spanking :smiley:


My daughter getting offered a job… She has been on a work placement at a Pets@Home store for 3 weeks and the manager has offered her a permanent position!!! :smiley:


woot :smiley:


Today I had to grin at an article relating to Mad Borris’s Bike scheme on the good old BBC.

It seems the scheme to reduce traffic through bike use requires the use of FORTY trucks and vans to shuttle bikes around to meet demand.
These vans/lorries are apparently involved in a high number of collisions with cyclists.

Are thes van drivers knocking them off to scoop up the bikes and take them back to the renting station ?
Is this the new face of Dick Turpin ?



I’d love to see the mileage records on those 40 trucks


…and me. Certainly brought a smile to my face :chuckle:


Today is the last Friday of the month, also known as Invoice day!
This is a thing of great cheer.

Although, being paid a day rate for December, known as the month of staying at home if it looks like snow and declaring the office “closed for safety reasons” is not going to make it into the WCMUT thread.
Snow cost me a lot of money last month



on a note very similiar to MrTFWitt …

9months of back pay arriving in the bank account


In hindsight, I probably should have kept my mouth shut, but…

I was sent a job description today by an agency.
In the list of required qualities for a successful applicant was “Loyal, Trustworthy, Reliable”

So I had to enquire “Did they leave out ‘good at fetching sticks’ ?”

I dont expect to get an interview there, this may be a good thing in the long term.


Ford Galaxy gearboxes have a “design feature”, some would call it a flaw.
Since I dont work for Ford I’ll refer to it as a flaw.
The flaw is an M7 bolt that comes loose and falls out, however it doesnt fall out as such, it becomes a free agent roaming the gearbox while you try and work out where all your other gears went.

Its happened twice now, one minute you are razzing along in second, you snick the precision close ratio gearbox somewhere near third and thats the last gearchange you can make.
The stick goes all floppy and you either coast to a stop, or if you are unlucky as I was the first time the bolt finds its way between the cogs and the gearbox explodes a little bit.

When it happened again I was able to stop before it exploded and last night, by torchlight I managed to fish the offending bolt out of the gearbox with a Halfords flexible magnetic pick up tool.

This tool is my new favourite as it meant I didn’t have to drop the gearbox off completely.
It was enough mucking about to drop the engine/box off one mount but fishing the bolt out, finding it undamaged did cause spontaneous shouting and silly dancing.

Now all I need to do is put it all back together.


Car through its MOT. Needed a new headlamp due to corrosion in the old one but it is 14 years old, so acceptable. In fixing the headlight they also repaired the short that blew the fuse for my cigar lighter/sidelights and now I can power my TomTom from the car again. A nice bonus :smiley:


mid way through putting in a new mixer tap, and for once, everything going to plan…

that’s scuppered it now :lol:


WooHoo, a quick test drive and it only bloody works!

No fires either, not even a small one.

I may award myself a beer after a WAMT update


25th Anniversary of meeting my Bear. She knocked on the door asking to phone a Taxi, and she’s still here :slight_smile:


Taxi better still be waiting, that would be one hell of a bill :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats anyhow!


Working Tax Credits have paid £265 into my account. I’m not due any since 21st January, and its double what it was then anyway. Someone’s bogged up big time, but hey ho, they can have it back when they ask. lol


Finally got the new style “all coded manually in Notepad” web pages working mostly OK in all browsers. Can use this as a template to create the content for all the other pages. 'Bout blimmin time too. :smiley: