What cheered me up today


Even better. WTC has a 4 week carry-on after finishing a period of employment. So the £265 is actually due to me. Cant be bad, getting paid for a holiday when not actually in employment. :slight_smile:


Today (Well actually yesterday but it was a busy day) I was cheered up by being tailgated.

When I finished overtaking, I pulled over and Mr Tailgater roared off just in time to be spotted by a marked car on one of those hard shoulder launch ramps.

For a bonus grin the tailgater was French!


Two weeks ago booked a flight for me and the Mrs to go to Thailand in May. Managed to find a flight with Etihad for £475 each Manchester-Bangkok and return

Checked ticket prices today and the price had risen to £650 each…

This is the cheapest price I have ever paid!!! :smiley:


Employer is screwing up by the number and looks like my start date is set back 2 weeks.

On the upside, freelance work for next 2 weeks will net more, AND this has gone down £22 - (been waiting for confirmation before splashing on this and the new TV) :slight_smile:


Today male pride amused me.

With a bundle of cash in my back pocket the new owner was keen to drive away in his new purchase.
Getting it off the front garden meant negotiating scaffolding, a lamp post and a low wall.

I offered to drive it onto his flat bed but no he could do it alll by himself, doing it in one go brought two body panels into contact with the wall looking at the left over paint marks.

Well, you paid in full, its all yours now mate


Getting a £30 voucher from the shop where my credit card details were stolen.

So I didn’t lose any money (cos HSBC stopped it all quick enough) and now I’m £30 up on the deal :slight_smile:


Paper being accepted by a conference in Sri Lanka - means an expenses paid trip abroad :smiley:


Nice one Chris!


Having a wonderful day in the sun, taking my sister to visit the grave of a relative, who died in the World War 1, as part of her family tree investigations, then settling down to a lovely lunch followed by cider ice lollies and finally hot cross buns. Perfect day all round :smiley:


Car passing MOT with no advisories :smiley:

but having that ruined by my dog passing away :frowning:


Sorry to hear that m8 :frowning:


A Zombie (part of their alliance name) dropping by to refuel my Probe in EU2 - Wonder if they’d be so kind to do it for my New TT’s when they complete! mhm! :lol:


Raising over £1,200 for Help for Heroes through a charity airsoft game organised by the Loughborough Airsoft Soc.


Nice one Chris! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Well a good deed sorting out my sisters computer out today resulted in gaining something I highly needed a few weeks back.

And a lovely sunny day to top it off :slight_smile:


This morning I was greatly cheered by NOT having to remove any brick/plaster/tiles/sawdust from the bathroom before commencing ablutions.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel
Today the sparky should be coming to wire it up and sign a part-p certificate for it all.

TFW towers is taking shape


Excellent, and as a cyclist, damn true!


:lol:Good fun. Worth the listing fee just to post it. No takers yet I see :chuckle:


Less than 24 hours and we are on our way to Thailand!!!


Bon voyage Fiend. Have a great time both of you.