What cheered me up today


all the best and Congratulations TFW family!


Well I managed to get a few hours to muck about with “Man-Stuff” today.
As a result I managed to get both cars I want to fix and tinker with side by side in the new garage.

Now it has power and a roller door I can lock it all up so the tools can go in there close to hand.

Getting the cars in was a struggle though.

The SD1 has been sitting with circa 1994 fuel in the tank and lines.
A true pessimist would say the tank has been sugared too as everything has a sticky residue where the fuel has been.
I pulled the carbs apart and the needle was covered in the same sticky rubbish, brake cleaner wouldnt touch it but meths does and after cleaning the needles with meths it now runs on four cylinders at best.
Dismantling and investigation can now take place, maybe I will bin the carbs in their entirety and fit megasquirt to it instead.

The Galaxy is sitting next to a low mileage gearbox and my challenge is to fit the gearbox WITHOUT breaking the shrinkwrap seal on the Haynes manual along the way.

But on the whole I am happy to have my patients in theatre, I just need the free time to scrub up and operate on them.


Time is a rare commodity at the mo… :sigh:


This weekend I hired a Mini-Digger and a dumper.
Having got bored with paying builders to Not turn up, not finish anything then charge for the whole job anyway I decided to rent a 3 Ton digger plus swivel dumper and move my garden about a lot.

I’m pleased with the end result and now have the space to turn round in my garden, plus I have a level play area for the kids which will shortly be fenced in.

Four levers, TWO joysticks, a foot pedal that I have no idea what it should do.

Having them parked with a foot either side on the driveway helps to sharpen the learning curve a bit.
Too much to the left and next door loses a fence then a green house, too much to the right and you are in a swimming pool, probably under a heavy bit of equipment.

What could possibly go wrong ?


wont start hehe:D


I Phoned the Police today to find out how my aplication is doing, aparently they have sent me a letter to say they have got my application and they are going to be setting a date for my first Police exam, :smiley:

Soon I will be a professional to$$er :stuck_out_tongue:


The wife got her “ESOL with Citizenship” pass certificate yesterday. ESOL is “English for Speakers of Other Languages” - it basically means she doesn’t have to pass the dreaded “Life in the UK” test… a test that a hell of a lot of native brits would fail.

Now, we have just 3 weeks left to apply for her “Indefinite Leave to Remain” Visa… Guess how much that costs… £972!!! :eek:


This lot have cheered me up immensely for several days now.

Its like somebody has stood on the airline of a deep sea diver and far away from the foot there is a muted, muffled stream of expletives that the owner of the foot cannot really hear.

Sounds a bit harsh I hear you say in response

However, all the rants I have read lead me to believe that there is little chance of a comprehensible complaint letter ever arriving at RIM central.

The sky will not fall in if your blackberry takes a few days off being pounded by sweaty thumbs


I’ve lost enough weight that the original TPR t shirt I got at my first Mojo’s now fits. Probably better than it did then as well! :smiley:


Today I was cheered up immensley by doing 168Mph on the Queens highway.

In a Renault Espace 2.0… Auto…

If it wouldnt get me locked up I would have photographed it.
The French made dashboard decided to surrender by switching itself off, tell me the airbags had deployed, ask for a service and for about 30 seconds try and convince me I was doing 168 Mph.

I dont think the wobbly shed could manage that in Kmh down a very steep hill but if TopGear want to drop it out of an airplane to see how fast it hits the ground I’m happy to sell it to them.
Price is depandant on how much fuel is in it at the time of sale


:haha: maybe 68 if you are lucky then :lol:


its French - if it finds itself in sudden need of being able to retreat - it will do 168mph :smiley:



The Rattle bus continues to amuse me, pictures to follow.

The centre silencer “let go” in quite a spectacular fashion.
I was thinking large oily mechanical failure of the sort where one or more con-rods make a bid for freedom but it was just the silencer detonating and blowing all its innards into tiny bits.

It has to be the most spectacular cure for tail gaters I have ever seen.
A “brown cloud” of rust and fibre-glass wadding temporarily obscured two lanes.

There is nothing quite like a car bought at auction, it has to be said.



Never had a problem like that with my car… I was completely surprised it made the trip from Swansea to Anglesey in the summer though and with ease too :slight_smile:


Me old Porsche passing it’s MOT yet again… :smiley:

Needed a new handbrake cable, couple of brake pipes and an ARB droplink to pass, but she is reliable and starts first time very time… :smiley:


Nice one Fiend!! Good old Porsche reliability


Driving along the other day I happened to see a BMW with the registration DU11 FKJ and pondered how far the letter sequence went.

It doesnt include R but does include S and yes its on a BMW, have a look at the DVLA website to check for your self


I’m now probably at my lowest weight since I started university in '05…


Nice going Chris!! :trophy:


Posted this on the WAMT thread earlier this month about a motherboard i bought from Aria

[QUOTE=TheFiend;462703]Had no response from the RMA by 15:00 so phones them up… after describing the damage to the board - the burn mark on the ATX12V socket the CSRep started saying it sounded like my PSU had gone faulty thus allowing excess current to flow in the 12V line to the socket and as started muttering something like it wouldn’t be covered if they found the board not to be at fault.

They have issued a RMA number but at the moment I haven’t decided whether or not to RMA it to them…

Shortly afterwards I emailed Gigabyte-UK describing the damage to the mobo and they responded within 5 minutes asking for serial number to see if was still in warranty, and less than 30 minutes later issued an RMA number to me. Gigabyte have about the best RMA turnaround and state a repaired/replacement product will be returned to you within 2 weeks.

The damage to the motherboard looks like a short has occurred in the ATX12V plug/socket itself rather than a surge from the PSU, and the system load prior to it happening was well within the capacity of the PSU. Looking at the underneath of the mobo there is no other signs of thermal damage on the circuit board - if the VRMs were overheating you often see brown marks on the circuit boards. With working on electrical/electronic systems I know by experience some short circuit damage can occur before any circuit protection has had time to react. I personally have experienced an main isolator switch suffer an arc that melted the contacts as it was the circuit was being re-energised without taking out the circuit protection.

I know that if I send the mobo to Gigabyte themselves they will at least test it and repair it if necessary and I will have it back within 2 weeks.

With Aria I don’t know how long it would take - weeks possibly months as they would most likely send it off to Gigabyte. The chances are Aria will try and blame it on a faulty PSU and refuse to honour the warranty, then I would then have to send it to Gigabyte for a repair.[/QUOTE]

Well, I decided to RMA it directly to Gigabyte due to the attitude of the Aria CSrep…

Sent it off on the 15th… got a card through the door today from Citylink and it is a package from Gigabyte.

Gigabyte have tested the board, found the ATX12V socket faulty, replaced the socket under warranty, fully tested and then returned it to me in under 72 hours!!! :smiley: :wiggle: :smiley:

And just to be safe I have binned the PSU in that system and replaced it with a 600W OCZ.

I very much doubt I will use Aria again. Sorry DT but I am not very impressed by them.