What cheered me up today


no skin off my nose mate - glad to hear you got a result from Gigabyte though, that’s awesome and to be fair, all any retailer would do is send back to wholesaler who sends back to manufacturer, so you’ve cut out the middle man


Like I said… not impressed by the attitude of their CS reps.

Gigabyte have a very good reputation with RMA’ed stuff… that’s the main reason I decided to go direct.

They’ve done an excellent job on replacing the socket… you can’t even tell it’s been changed.

Going to put it in my HTPC and sell the ASUS one I’m currently using since this one has HDMI and optical out, so it’s ideal for an HTPC.


The wife’s Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa has been granted!!! :rotate:

It came at a cost £972 and a wait of 11 weeks and 2 days for approval. :eek:

Another 12 months and she can apply for citizenship - at a cost of £836!!! :eek:


My local Argos…

Bought a 22" LG LCD HD monitor from them 9 months ago which decided to start playing up a couple of days ago - screen would go blank after 1 second… :frowning:

Enquired at the shop about repair/replacement as was still in 1st year of warranty… but had lost the proof of purchase. The manageress managed to find out what date I got it and then got proof from their archives. She then agreed to replace it but, due to that model being no longer available, it has now been replaced a 22" LED LG HD monitor… the one I would have gone for, but was a more than a few £££ dearer…

Came out of the shop with a new monitor + a £5 refund!!! :rotate:


Bargain!! Nice surprise for you Fiend :slight_smile:


End of line bargain… it’s now a discontinued model.

Good job I checked out if Argos would take it back without the receipt… Saved me having to buy a replacement!!! :smiley:

The colours look stunning in LED backlit goodness!!! :smiley:

I used to be a big CRT fan, but now I have been converted since HD monitors came out. And 22" is just a nice size for me. :smiley:


The window display at BrightHouse cheered me up today.

For just £1,100 pounds ish you could have a big flat screen telly.
In smaller print it said “Refurbished”

I took a photo of it, flashing away with its refurbished screen failing to show a picture most of the time, throwing stripey wobblers when it was on and just generally impersonating 40 odd inches of land fill quality merchandise.

Despite the flashing advert to keep out, the shop was busy.
Bright House ?
Not that bright I would say.


Oooh, don’t get me started on UK Border Agency. My American daughter in law has just had her visa refused after two grands worth…

The password is not “I’m an American Citizen”. Ahem.

It’s Hogswatch, the family are out, and it’s just me, dog(s) and cat(s) sitting, and an old episode of Warehouse 13 for the first time in a long, long time.

Bliss. Merry Christmas :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=wheelieslug;463053]Oooh, don’t get me started on UK Border Agency. My American daughter in law has just had her visa refused after two grands worth…

The password is not “I’m an American Citizen”. Ahem.

The process of getting a visa isn’t all that difficult. The main bit is collecting all the necessary evidence such as proof of relationship and that the applicant can be supported by the sponsor.

I did both the Settlement visa and Indefinite Leave to Remain Visas for my wife and both were approved.

If you or your son need some advice let me know.

A friend of the wife has just had her application turned down - her husbands declared income was not sufficient - the husband did a lot of cash in hand work.


kids faces this morning, truly mega responses to some of the silly presents we brought.

Daniel is walking round playing with a traditional metal slinky :smiley:


[I]What cheered me up today …

[/I]Central heating

eh ? I hear you say

well, Drambuie is a drink best sipped (gulped) when warm, usually by cupping the glass in ones hand until the contents reach the palatable temperature. As I’m a busy fella, (don’t ask), I have a tumbler balanced on a radiator, which is doing the job nicely … and quicker :lol:

I may be old, but still aint completely stupid :wink:

merry Crimbo everyone hic


A Sonic The Hedgehog moneybox xmas pressie off the wife!!! :smiley:


A TFW-Labs Top Tip, the week before christmas is a good time to grab a cheap holiday, you can haggle nicely.

Plus, flying back on christmas day gave us an entire row of seats EACH!


Thought for the day.

Is a mobile phone still a mobile if you are standing still ?


Hmmmm! Not sure. Strictly yes, cause the Earth is still turning around at thousands of miles an hour :slight_smile:


Whats in a name ?

Joe Hunt named the band after his wife Yuka



I’m sure they have lots of fun with that.


A man on a bridge over the motorway
Wearing a high vis jacket
with a measuring instrument

This cheered me up because he was a surveyor in a hard hat :thumbsup:


I must be getting old, it took me almost a minute to get it :lol:


I dont care that its an “up to” speed, if it costs nothing extra and goes any faster I’m happy.

Only if it becomes unstable could this fail to be a good thing