What cheered me up today


[QUOTE=MrTFWitt;463410]I dont care that its an “up to” speed, if it costs nothing extra and goes any faster I’m happy.

Only if it becomes unstable could this fail to be a good thing[/QUOTE]

aah yes, the good old NTL/Virginmedia syndrome :lol:


have you not had the accompanying letter that says as we’ve upgraded you for free the price of your bundle is going up :sigh:


£3.50 extra a month for mine

I’m still on 10 meg BB :frowning:

apparently I may be upgraded to 20 meg in April. I may also consider ditching the TV package and going for the 30 meg BB (which will then double up to 60 meg)


My daughter passing her driving test!!! :smiley:

Now she just has to save up for a car, and then save up to pay for the insurance!!!


Finding time to organise my garage cheered me up immensely today.

Now almost all my spanners, sockets and most importantly hammers are just a short step away from the patient and I have a 100W amp with speakers to provide some mood music.


Seeing this in the flesh, tonking along the Queens highway by a bloke with a big grin.
Sounded flipping awesome too


This cheered me up today, somebody that turns all those drawings you normally stick on the fridge into cuddly toys.

Full listing here http://www.flickr.com/photos/childsown/


Lol that’s brilliant TFwitt. Some of those end up real cute others end up a bit damn scary :smiley:



Today is the start of a 25 day break from work which is only costing me 6 days annual leave, and on the 18th me, the wife and me daughter are off to Thailand for a 10 day trip to the in-laws :smiley:


Nice one Fiend! :cool:


On another forum is a thread to find cars by model numbers.
I found a Mercedes 190 to continue the thread.

There is a small chance I have actually used this taxi


There’s a garage near us where the owner would say " it’s yer tracking mate"



The delivery of a box containing a Coolermaster CM690 II Advanced NVIDIA Edition PC case… :smiley:

Why? Cos all it cost me was some airmiles that was getting close to expiring. Found out the airline I earned them with has started a scheme where you could convert your airmiles to a credit on a prepaid Visa Card… the miles I had 25K worked out to be roughly £100, just enough to get myself a new case… and the NVIDIA Edition was so tempting to be a home for my 2 GTX670’s!!!


THIS cheered me up today, the fact there are people out there with the time and persistence to build such a thing amuses me greatly.
In my house, the moment it had wheels it would have been yanked away to crash into things until it was back to its component bricks.


I set myself a task a few days ago when I spotted you could download euromillions draw history as a CSV file.

The challenge was to write a bit of shell script to pull down the list with wget and generate a sorted list showing the number of times a number has been drawn for main and the lucky stars.

After a bit of head scratching with code using arrays in Bash, I had some numbers which went onto a lottery form and money changed hands to convert it into a ticket with five lines.

I was rather chuffed to find I had one or two numbers matching on every line, only one line was a winner and that was only 5.10 but it was a great improvement over lucky dips.

The numbers are on for Friday as well so I will at the very least be taking my ticket down to Spar and swapping it for four tinnies at the weekend.


If you are successful, you will have disproved the randomness of the draw.


Another small win on the second run but I’m not flicking through any catalogues for a new runabout just yet.


I dont do Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, life keeps me far too busy to invent a circle of friends on the internet.

So I’m rather amused at all the comments resulting from Facebook declaring that all Instagram content R Belong to Us.

Really ?
You took some crap photos and were too stupid/lazy to work out photoshop but have delusions your finished product has a commercial value


I wonder where David Jason was when this occurred?? :smiley:


Today I was annoyed by an awfully loud whine/drone from the fan on the gas boiler, and further annoyed to find a replacement is around £130

What pleased me though, is finding that old yet trustworthy can of ‘3 in 1’ oil in the darkest depths of the garage, and after a few drops placed strategically around the spindle and bearing housing it’s (currently) as quiet as a mouse :slight_smile:

A quick browse of ebay shows a bearing replacement kit for £5.50 delivered, may be worth a punt