What cheered me up today


Its had a full exhaust and the manifold which was an utter pig to fit.
A recon gearbox and a clutch
A scrapyard gearbox when the recon one lunched itself
Some anti roll bar drop links
One rear brake caliper, might need the other soon
A drivers window mechanism
A gearbox selector cable, again utter pig to fit, remove centre console, SEATS!!! and the carpet
A heater blower resistor.
The Gearbox selector stack has been out to have a bolt replaced at least five times, I can do this in three hours now.
Two coil packs, they crack.

And a pile of oil and service components such as wipers, brake pads/discs , bulbs and filters.

It needs a wiper arm assembly, an aircon pump, an engine, some more drop links, a starter motor and the drivers seat is a bit wobbly.
A wash would be good, it hasn’t been washed since my youngest son was born, and he has two younger sisters who are both at school.

It has hauled an engine for Bilko, some sofas, a play tower with 3m long slide, a little tykes play tower, several cargos of fireworks to Mojos, lived up to the title BangBus :devil:, been slept in repeatedly (afterwards :devil:), moved house for my daughter several times, carried its own weight in tip runs in a weekend many times, transported 30 pallets and enough OSB board to build a dance floor in the garden, fetched and delivered Ebay stuff, topped 130mph whilst overseas, driven through the tunnel in Monaco on a round trip to Pisa to collect my son from his Mother, multiple booze cruises and mostly carried me to work and back.

I may buy another if I cannot fix this one up if I do it wont get washed either.


Well it sailed through an MOT.

Sailed might be the wrong word, six advisories, four fails but only three of these were actually listed as DANGEROUS.

Some tyres and a new drivers mirror later it is good to go.

I keep threatening my older son it will be his first car, it just needs to survive another 4 years


Nicely done TFW. If its anything like my Volvo’s, anything under 150K and its still not quite run-in :smiley:


Finding out I’ll be getting a decent bonus in time for my next holiday… and the same day finding out about the new pay offer from my company and the unions are actually recommending acceptance!!!

Damn shame I’ll lose 40% of the bonus in tax but at least the pay offer is above the rate of inflation.


Finished work last Friday and I’m off for four weeks and I’m off to Thailand next Monday for a holiday. Phoned up work today to see if I’m getting paid some hours owed for getting them out of a very sticky situation last month., and to my surprise all 6 call-outs are being paid plus another shift they owe me… and that’s on top of the bonus, Well, at least after the tax-man has hived off his cut I’ll still have a decent amount of spending money!!!

If I hadn’t been able to cover for a sickness absence it would have meant completely shutting down the plant at a cost of over £1million+ per day. They were so desperate for cover they actually agreed to my terms :smiley:

Another thing that has cheered me up is the Pound has improved in value over the Thai Baht by 10% over the last month meaning I’ll have 10% more spending money!!! :smiley:


Nice one Fiend. Have a great break m8!


Road Tax may have gone up but my car insurance has gone down by several times the VED hike.

Lets hope it passes the MOT now :slight_smile:


It sailed through the MOT

Just needed one tyre, most of an exhaust, a steering rack boot thanks to National tyres having a muppet doing tracking adjustments, a couple of drop-links for the anti-roll bar and a re-test once I had worked out why the cooling fan didnt work.

It seems your car will fail the MOT if it overheats doing 5000 rpm while not moving because EMISSIONS! PolarBears!!1! etc
I never hold 5000 rpm any longer than it takes the lights to go green… quarter mile at a time…

On the plus side, none of the fails were marked as dangerous this time round, the tin worm that lives in every old Ford will change things in a couple of years.
This may not become a family hand-me-down car although 164,000 on the same engine is a record for me.


I threw away my tumble dryer yesterday, nine years old and it went in the skip.

You may be thinking, this is a mis-post for the “What annoyed me today” but it isn’t, bear with me.

I thought the drum bearings were finished so I fitted a new rear bearing, a fivers worth posted but the drum was still wobbly so further investigation took place.
The kitchen became littered with bits of tumble dryer until I could see what was at fault and identified three bits for replacement, two teflon drum guides and a felt seal so some :google: took place for prices.

This looked like circa £50 of parts, several days waiting for postage and no washing being done, at the end of which I would have a ten year old dryer with some new bits.
As it had died from brick dust grinding away its bearings (I’ve had a chunk of building work done) and filled its innards with dust I suspect all its moving parts are well past their best.
AO.com had a new one with a drying sensor for £170 and it arrived next day.

What has amused me is the pop up adverts with ever diminishing prices for the very bits I needed, the day after I lobbed the dead one in the skip, the price of parts has almost halved.
Somebody at google really is wasting their time, if I don’t get the best price first time, it doesn’t happen.

That or AO.com has paid them to hide the best spares prices :eek:


Our washing machines on it’s last legs… sounds like some of the bearings are on the way out, but it’s still putting up a fight and apart from the noise is still doing a decent job of washing our clothes… and it’s 27 year old!!!


Some machines do keep going on and on. It’s a case of they don’t build 'em like they used to I guess :slight_smile:


Well, yesterday tbh…

England 25 - Wales 28



Mrs Fiend bought me 2 lotto scratch-cards for my birthday… and one of them was a £40 winner!!! :yippee:


Yesterday again (sorry about that), Eng vs Australia RWC match… :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Scream;467414]Well, yesterday tbh…

England 25 - Wales 28


I get the feeling your not an England Rugby Union supporter…

I much prefer Rugby League and have been sick of all the hype surrounding the Rugby Union World Cup!!!


Errm, No, I’m not, I am most definitely a Wales supporter :slight_smile:


I am definitely a home nation supporter… I take 0 pleasure in knowing England are knocked out :frowning:

But I will happily take Wales going through :smiley:

Come on the welsh!!!


I thought it was Haka not Bukakke :confused:


After returning from Thailand 10 month starts firing up my crunchers to find one of ASUS R7 250 GPU’s struggling to spin up its’ cooling fan… bearings dusted up I’d guess…

After checking found out it was one ordered from Amazon… Decided to on-line chat with a CS rep to report it had got a faulty fan… straight away said “we’ll post a replacement out and you’ll have it tomorrow” and I’ve got a month to return the faulty one!!!

Currently got the faulty one running with an 80mm fan cable-tied to the heatsink… :Plot:

My faith in Amazon has been restored slightly…


Set speakers to ELEVEN

Play AC/DC - Back in black

Contemplate a bit of Air-guitar… :slight_smile: