What PMM has being building over the last few weeks


This won’t win any SPL comps but sound quality was my aim considering what I am used to at home with the Hi-Fi it was an exercise to get something I can enjoy to its fullest still goes loud enough to give me a headache though inside the car.

Having the subs inside also mean it won’t be heard going down the street rattling the neighbours windows :wink: will be just the exhaust :stuck_out_tongue: also means its does not need to be over driven to reach acceptable levels to the driver I alway remember back to the local shopping center and some lad with a sub in his boot rattling all the rust but he thought it was great.

As for build quality… well finish wise is so so and I suppose I could have done better with more time spent but I don’t see the point of making super posh for the mini so in the area’s unseen to the eye its very ugly and not neat.

As for Fabrication its more good research on how other people have achieved the same sort of things then modify to suite the tools I have.

Just got to apply the Vinyl to the passenger side pod then fix to door and its all done and dusted, quick hover secure the wires to the floor - re-lay the carpet & put the seats back in.

So hopefully done and dusted by Wednesday.


Laptop is driving me mad :frowning: battery keeps going flat after 10-15 mins.

Well being measuring the sub characteristic

Enclosure seems to be resonant at 29hz :slight_smile:
My Hearing certainly hears 27hz :slight_smile: using test tones.

(Below per mic setting not a valid db rating & Note has 18.2 ohms resistance added in circuit so Independence is 20 Ohms to the amp for measuring purposes).

Laptop picks up 22hz @ -54db when vol is set to 20.
Laptop pics up 37hz @ -22db when vol is set to 20.

… and the subs are tweakable on the amp with the DBO bass boost to compensate for any heavy roll off though I don’t think it really needs any boost.

Any frequency above that rattles the garage door and the garage roof :smiley: and thus spoils the testing and its not exactly loud :chuckle: but then it was only the subs working all other channels disconnected.

…Not done the other pod yet then got to set it all up proper with a white noise test tone to get the levels right across the whole frequency spectrum.


When your done working on that, then maybe you can start on something along these lines.




Might as well put in a Youtube vid of the sound lol… 1st attempt not the best result with the cam :frowning: it was louder than the cam picked up.


A great job PMM :thumbsup:


wow - that recording even managed to wake up my subwoofer :lol:



Wake that sub up with this lol…
Clicky :dj:


I think the neighbours like it.



wow forgot about this thread lol, still going strong :joy::saxophone::musical_note::notes::notes:


bringing along to the LAN ?


Unfortunately unlikely get over the road bumps to where I live lol , In garage at parents will be sold next year :frowning: so it just the usual Alfa