You've got 12 weeks - Balrog


That would be :vader: Chris :wink:



:Offtopic: Yes DT that would be Chris - but he says he is not crunching for :vader: anymore not doing any at the moment. He is re building his computer to take back to Uni and he had his hard drive go on his lappy like mind. We think they did not like being left on all the time crunching :frowning: they seem to overheat


/Monty Python high pictched screeching voice on

NOT DOING ANYTHING :bondage: :bondage:

/Monty Python high pictched screeching voice on

Lathe smathe pathe pah !!! ->decorate, then he can concentrate on sorting his PC whilst MrBalrog does the decorating !!!

Get crunching you slacker !

As for the laptops, weird both HD’s go at the same time, as laptop HD’s like to slow themselves down at the first opportunity, wonder if running the DC project in a ramdisk would help ?


/edit, btw, your next on my LM :stomp: list, maybe Chris could help :lol:


Actually our hard discs went three weeks apart. I thought when Chris’s went, it was a wake up call to back mind up properly more regularly, but I did not get round to it before it went :frowning:

This is why I have not been lifemappering dare I say I do not know what you mean about running it in a ramdisk :eek:

Just about to drag them off the lathe for dinner so will consult on this and refer them to you :smiley:

I think the Balrog should let me have one of his machines for Lifemapper but he nearly has a fit if I suggest it :frowning:


yo nice digs :D…i bet it will look even nicer when its done…eh MR BALROG :slight_smile:


Starts to wonder if he’ll ever manage to get out of this one :sneaky:
:idea: Perhaps a holiday is in order. That might cause a diversion for a month or so.:smiley:


A holiday dear - yes wonderful idea are you going to book for my birthday :smiley: then you will return refreshed and full of enegy to decorate not only the lounge but the rest of the house :smiley:


Mr.B you only seem to be digging a deeper hole for your self. Why not put all that energy into decorating :smiley:

P.s. A for letting your son mingle with :vader: I think Corrective therapy is in order :bondage: :wink:


:doh: :wall: :ignore:

P.s. A for letting your son mingle with :vader: I think Corrective therapy is in order :bondage: :wink:

You haven’t seen the size or him :smiley:


Bigger than me?

<Someone post an image>



Dunno m8. How does 6-0" 240lb sound.


sounds like when his knee is fixed perfect for helping you finish the decorating :nod:

(wooden spoon time) stir stir stir


/* cough */


Up up you go :slight_smile:


Thanks Apex :smiley:

Balrog your time has run out :eek: The shop left a message to say the suite is in.

Be warned I know we are going on holiday in 10 days, then we will be busy moving Chris’s stuff back to Uni, but then I shall have lots of spare time to devoting my time to nagging you to do the lounge. :mad:

If I have to do it on my own I will propably have to turn your computers off while I am working you know how messy I am when I decorate and I would not want to get paint on them :smiley:


:lol: I think MrsB is pulling the right strings with that one, paint on the `puters :scared:



Np all part of the service :smiley:




My kinda reply :smiley:


Thanks everyone for keeping this thread going. Have no fear that as soon as Chris goes back to Uni in a week’s time I am going to be on the Balrog’s case 24/7
about the decorating. :smiley: He has got off lightly up to now because I chose not to be too bothered :nod: but now his time is well and truly up :smiley: