You've got 12 weeks - Balrog


How’s Mrs Balrog? I’m surprised nothing drastic has happened yet :D.


so 4 years on from the thread start 7 from the initial fireplace bashing, how about we sign Mr Balrog up to DIY SOS :wink:


Yes we’re both fine and enjoying life. Business is good and we’re still planning on giving up and setting sail to blue waters in a couple of years. For the moment we’re doing a lot of track days in the MG and still into diving.
Chris has graduated with an MEng, done 18 months in the design office and is and a year or so off becoming a chartered engineer.

All’s well in the world, its great when a long term plan starts to come together :slight_smile:

The precursor to buggering off on the boat is finishing off the DIY & downsizing. God knows what’s happening to property prices though.

Been browsing through here for the last 1/2 hour. Great to see the crunching is still going on but I seem to be in Div 1 now :frowning: Well done y’all :thumbsup:


//me gets calculator head on to work out the current length of “12 weeks” :chuckle:



oh why the heck not - we never did get pictures of the finished rooms :smiley:

@Mrs_Balrog how did @The_Balrog get on - last we heard it was still a work in progress (nearly five years ago!)