0.1miles away according to Google maps

that’s how far from my doorstep this happened :eek:

Becky walked past there this morning on the way to the park, and it’s the road I drive down to get through the one way system on the way home. For those that came to the meet at my old offices, it’s on the corner where there is one of the many “Something Chicken” shops :slight_smile:

Scary, and what’s more scary is the chinese whispering amongst the community. So far, the most I’ve heard is four injured one dead.

I think I might embelish it to include a horse, a badger and a peacock.


EEEK, not good!

We’ve had a couple of stabbings and rapes not far from mine. Is it any wonder we want to move out of the area!

Not clever, makes you wonder what the world is coming too.

This has interrupted an otherwise quiet village.

Sirens and helipcopters in abundance.

Last nights two hour flight by the eye-in-the sky was in line for a message, but by the time I had learnt seven letters in morse code (five if you are pedantic) he had already done so.

A fire? On Kennington Road? How novel…