OK I reached 1000.
1000 WU in 6682 hr 53 min
as I said b4 I will stop crunching for Seti and TPR. I am switching over to lifemappers for TPR. If at some later date I decide to start again (buy another computer) I will start crunching again. I’ll just be next door so I’ll pop in here often. Keep up the good work all.

Con Grats jimwyser

One the best Milestones IMO

Well done

Congrats mate! Very well done! :thumbsup:

Well done m8 :thumbsup: :cheers:


Fantastic, well done m8 - it is indeed a sweet milestone isn’t it :slight_smile:

Well done Jim.

Show us your tiffy. :smiley:

Well done Jim, good luck on our Life Mappers team m8.

Hope to see you crunching W/U’s again soon :thumbsup:


Sooper achievement to go out on m8

good luck with LM


Thanks for your 1,000 woots. We will take extra good care of them. :nod:

Feel free to water them from time to time. :smiley:

Good luck with life mappers. :thumbsup:

Congraties Sir! :nod: :yippee:

Great work - a nice juicy turnip to you, sir!

Yes it is a sweet milestone. And I will come back evert so often to WATER the WU’s God Bless all. And TPR ROCKS. WOOHOO

Nice one Jim :slight_smile: Congrats and have fun Lifemapping :smiley:

And don’t let your woos get lonely :cool:

well done dood :thumbsup::wiggle: :woot:

Way to crunch m8 :woot:

Well done, Jim!

one of the best Milestones, ever

Congratz to this

and, make a copy to your printer, and then hang it on the Wall, so you can remember this in the future.

i have made this to all my Milestones, it is a great motivation for me.

Sir Ulli

Well done mate! :thumbsup:

Good job!! :cheers: