112 internal error in Windows Installer

I get “112 internal error in Windows Installer” when trying to install BOINC on an old computer with little hard drive space and the installer program on a CD.
Please assist.

I hope this is the right forum on this site.

Seems to be an internal compiler error as if the downloaded proggy is corrupt. Try an unistall, download again and install the new proggy.


This should help solve your problem i think :slight_smile:

Hope it helps

how much free hard disk space you got on it?

Is there any way to choose which mirror to download BOINC from?

I have Windows 95 squeezed on it. When I went into “My Computer” and check the Properties for C: it says 49.6 total space, 15.9 free. After the failed BOINC installation there’s less free.

I found the below here: http://extranet.mapinfo.com/common/docs/mapxtend-dev-web-none-eng/emx/EM_Install.pdf .

112: Internal Error in Windows Installer
On Windows, you need to map a drive to the CD reader if you are installing from a
remote CD reader (that isn’t located on your machine). Otherwise, you will get the
error message “112: Internal Error in Windows Installer”. Map the CD reader and then
run index.html to start the installation wizard.

Any thoughts?

i suggest you try get as much space free on the hard drive as possible then copy the install onto the hard drive and run it from there…

Is it Bionic 5.2.13?

I doubt you’ll be able to attach and get any work from any of the projects with that amount of space, there should be enough there to run the Folding client though I think, my folding dir that has been there a while and may have some redundant “cores” is 13.3Mb.


Redownloading didn’t help. Copying installers to HD didn’t help either.
Now I don’t think I had the Windows Installer on it in the first place. Working on that.
Sorry for the slow reply. :o

Windows Installer
I think I’m getting by with MSIExec.exe 2.0.2600.2 in c:\windows\system but now it’s giving me some message saying I have to have Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 to continue the installation.

I have a different computer with Win95 and much more Hard Drive space I experiment on. I installed IE5 from ie5setup.zip I got from http://murfsgarage.cybertechhelp.com/downloadie.htm .

When I tried to install BOINC 5.2.13 I got an error message saying I need one of a list of Windows versions newer than 95. When I tried BOINC 4.45 it went fine. I guess I’ll fall back on 4.45 if I need to.

Anyone know exactly what files in IE5 BOINC is looking for?

ah so i was right:D :smiley:
ok i will try look for what it sees in IE 5 might be the reg entrys or somthing…

with 95 you could just get you hand on a copy of 98se from somewere its a rather small install when you strip it of what it doesn’t need:thumbsup: :thumbsup: