2 days

2 days until the Dutch Power :alan: get BBQ’d on the Phoenix flame, BOINC@waltzingmatilda will go a few hours later. Two more places for the no-hopers unworthy of attention :smiley: Keep it up guys ‘n’ gals

Indeed! just about to make several quick moves after we pass the Cows
Keep on crunching we go!

2k to go, I reckon once a few folks get up the morning :bigdump: should just about do it

300 to go…

80…scours cache for completed units, finds a few…and the quarterback is toast! :slight_smile: 28k to the 'roos, they go today

Done… the cows are history!!!

:trophy:Congrats Team!:trophy:
of course the stats say otherwise… :slight_smile:
and I am going to bed in a few minutes… so it has to wait:)
Thanks everyone for the victory!

Stats changed with new challenge in overall added

The stats say otherwise

mais non, c’est fini!

I meant my stats… I had updated before we passed. ~smiles!~
But I made the change
Now I am off to bed

22k to the crunching marsupials - should be today I reckon

I like that