2011 Le Mans horror crash


Watch and be amazed that he just walks out, no reports yet for those photographers and spectators injuries, I’d be amazed if there were no carbon fibre based injuries from the debris.

The Audi R18 is such a bit of kit !


wow, another great testiment to the safety of the barriers and the cars they race in these days. the crash at monaco GP and now this, he was so close to jumping that barrier and i bet a few of those photographers and stewards needed a strong drink after that, the tyre that landed feet away from one of them was just :eek:. Cannot believe they just put it bacl on its wheels and opened the door let alone the fact he walked out!!

have you seen the latest one now? once again an Audi involved


The Audi team boss said something along the lines of, “we are glad the safety measures work, but not the exact way we like to show it works”.

No sh!t sherlock !!


I’ve been appalled by the Peugeot team holding up the Audi driver even though they were 4 laps behind and should have moved over. Funny that no blue flags from the French marshalls were waved at a French car for this infringement… :chin: No bias there then eh :chuckle:

Climbed out himself :scared:

Great safety, was barely just the monocock left :thumbsup:

[QUOTE=Spaceboy;460581]Climbed out himself :scared:

Great safety, was barely just the monocock left :thumbsup:[/QUOTE]

Monocock ?
Ah yes, it was an Audi, as you were.

I’ll have to watch that from a few different angles before apportioning blame.

I stopped going to Le Man when the diesels started winning, they just dont sound fast but if they are going to start 24 hour banger racing to spice it up I might have to go back again.

24hours of racing and 14s in it at the end :eek:


Was speaking to a bloke last night who was there for the McNish crash and was picking bits of carbon fibre out of his hair afterwards.