4x4 Punch Event - Speen TV4X4

It was nice to get the old girl, Gertrude moving again. After a winter of more fixing that actually moving, due to a water pump replacement amongst a few other things. Today saw a trip to Speen for a 4x4 punch event ran by TV4x4.

In terms of having a go at everything, I did :slight_smile: Tried every hole (leave it Mincer;)) and managed to get through more obstacles than I honestly thought we would. I was well up for the ‘if you don’t get stuck you’re not trying hard enough’ motto today. So we did get stuck, twice :frowning: Once because I just couldn’t get over a huge tree root that had appeared since the punch was placed where it was. I really should get the central diff lock sorted and I think we would have made it. We were winched out, nice and controlled but just too far away to make it to the punch. Once I had paid my cups of tea fines, we went back to tackle it again but approached from a different angle and direction. We made it to the punch by reversing back through the exit route:D :sneaky: :driving: It was a lot trickier than I had imagined so was quite happy.

The other recovery was a bit more nasty my towbar acted like a ground anchor on the descent into a hole and I lost momentum and just couldn’t get a large enough run up even with the V8 screaming. Considering I was stuck fast the recovery was a simple little tug up and out. Once again my lack of working central diff lock showed :frowning:

Next event aim - to have my central diff lock fixed by then!! I might get the hammer to the rear bumper as well as it took a bashing when we were stuck with the nose pointing to the sky.

A couple of pics for you, I’m sure there will be some more on the TV4X4 site of the second recovery as nearly everyone on the site came to see where I had got stuck this time - I think word had got out that I got the teas in on the first one :wink:


The other recovery was a bit more nasty my towbar acted like a ground anchor on the descent into a hole and I lost momentum and just couldn’t get a large enough run up even with the V8 screaming.

That’s why it is known amongst Disco owners as “The Plough”, if you will never tow with the vehicle grind it off :slight_smile:

Looks like good fun, my two have not been out, one still immobile, the other OK, inactivity is mainly due to my having a dose of the Feckits really, don’t do much but work, sleep and recover here.

Nice work on getting it muddy there DT.

If you need to pull off transfer boxes etc you are welcome to borrow this depending on the weight of the unit to be removed.
Its theoretically rated at 150Kg but coped with the fourtrak gearbox and transfer box which may be slightly more than that.

As for getting stuck that doesnt look even close to grounded, did you drop below 30mph or something for a photo opportunity ?

you can’t see it in the photo, but front wheel of drivers side was stuck up against a tree root, the passenger side was in a hole :frowning: so with no central diff lock I got a lot of spinning wheel. We did try to do the course at the course speed limit of 10mph, but my back couldn’t cope with the ride!!

I did gun the throttle too much on one of the steep exit route bombholes and Gertrude got air! That was very entertaining and a little brown trouser at the same time :lol:

I hope that the central difflock is just the linkage being bent that leads to the transfer box, once the snow clears :woot: I might take a look. It’s handy having a spare gearbox to see how it all works and links outside the car.


Is the 10Mph a maximum speed then?
I thought it was the minimum approach speed prior to application of the loud pedal

:slight_smile: yup 10mph club maximum

Much loud pedal required this morning in an effort to go help a stuck car, one slight problem. I needed much loud pedal to get Gertrude to move, front drivers side brake caliper appears to be rather stuck. So the car is still stuck. Going to try in a little while with a Freelander that a neighbour has, using my recovery strops and shackles rather than a Halfrauds tow rope.
Starter motor lead had come loose, so nothing on first turn of key, rev counter works a little bit, another loose connection due to bumpiness of yesterday.

As always, a maintenance list follows a good day off-roading :lol: