5 word story - a roundup so far... (please continue on this thread)

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A roundup of the story so far:

Kylefoulds: 	A long time ago on a board far far away...
		There were some crunchers 
Vortex:		and one that couldn't count 
Droid:		Too sweet, to the dentist. 
Wolram:		'ello 'ello, said Mr Plod 
DT:		need beer NOW, said DT 
Vortex:		Not wearing any panties today 
KyleFoulds:	then why are you standing 
Spaceboy:	Extremely large mug of tea  
Wolram:		Don't cut the blue wire .... 
Kylefoulds:	so he grabbed the cutters 
Droid:		Sweat pilled on his brow 
BigSheff:	but he was colour blind 
Kylefoulds:	if only he had got 
Wolram:		extended cover insurance when offered 
Vortex:		or went to demolition training.
Kylefoulds:	Sadly he hadnt, however he 
TheFiend:	did like wearing pink dresses 
Wolram:		While singing in a loud voice 
Kylefounds:	to doris day classics, like 
Wolram:		my mum used to sing.
Kylefoulds:	Then he remembered the ginger 
Vortex:		started dancing like Fred Astaire 
Colussusx:	but didnt cut the wire 
Vortex:		but did cut the cheese 
Droid:		"What is that smell then?" 
DT:		Sgt Bilkos all day breakfast
Kylefoulds:	was being served after tea 
Wolram:		with a nice bottle of 
DT:		diet coke, lemon, no ice
Walter OR:	or a chianti, with beans 
Judge:		I had a blow job    (is this part of the story or just a brag?)
Vortex:		that vacuum sure can suck
Wolram:		has anyone seen my hamster ? 
Wyntrblue:	it was eaten by ferrets 
Wolram:		ferrets live in the hoover ? 
Warmheart:	Well they do now man! 
Kylefoulds:	The hoover had a hippie

Walter OR: 	Wolly lives in a hoover? 
Wolram:		yep, it has en-suite attachments 
Scream:		BOOOOM! went the bomb. Dead 
Wolram:		pause .... 'HELLO' said the cat 
MAOJC:		it was the bomber, looser! 
Vortex:		Conspiracy! between cat and hamster? 
Wyntrblue:	conspericy hampster devours cat slowly 
Wolram:		while Granny loads her shotgun 
Kylefoulds:	in came the big bad 
Vortex:		wolf! Granny became a snack 
Droid:		"Hmmm! Granny over easy! Cool!" 
Vortex:		granny was always somewhat easy 
Droid:		so we were all told..... 
Kylefoulds:	personally i blame the parents 
Wolram:		although some think it's hereditary 
Kylefoulds:	certainly explains me said the 
Droid:		hairy Neanderthal in the corner 
Wolram:		leering at the air hostess 
Kylefoulds:	who was calmy explaining to 
Robo:		the pilot that we cannot 
Wolram:		empty the toilets over Watford
Kylefoulds:	the pilot found a ham 
Droid:		sandwich with some english mustard 
Robo:		Blocking up the chemical toilet 
Wolram:		"open a window" somebody shouted 
Droid:		but it was too late! 
Wolram:		with a loud WHOOOSH the 
Kylefoulds:	baby elephant opened its bowels 
Robo:		and everybody shouted "oh shit".
Ike:		"I'll get the shovel," said 
Vortex:		Gordon Ramsey, lunchtime is coming! 
Ike:		"But I've just eaten," said 
Kylefoulds:	jamie oliver, whose wife looked 
Wolram:		to be asleep, and unaware 
Mortlake:	of her liquid brown surroundings . 
Scream:		Knee deep in sh1t they 
Ike:		scrambled desperately to escape the 
Kylefoulds:	shit pit, jamie's ladder skills 
Wolram:		were wasted without a ladder 
Ike:		in her stockings, half way 
Kylefoulds:	up the mast, the ship

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phones, and everything went quiet

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