9500GT Problems

Hey, just build my computer in the past week and I’m now having some trouble with the Gfx card.

When I install the drivers, the computer accepts them and all is good. I tried installing a game though, which told me I didn’t have the required hardware.

I restarted my computer to get the drivers working and it came up in 4bit colour with 800 x 600 resolution. Wondering if you guys could help me with this?

I did a google search and it came up with this thread:


I couldn’t see how the problem was resolved but he seemed happy. Relevant posts are bottom of page 2.

EDIT: PC Specs are:

AMD Phenom 8750 Triple Core 2.4Ghz Socket AM2
4GB Ram
ABIT AX78 Motherboard
Galaxy GeForce 9500GT with 512MB DDR2.

Firstly welcome to TPR.

Next, I’m assuming that the ABIT mobo has onboard graphics. Have you turned this off in the bios? If not the machine may be defaulting to the the on board chip and not your gfx card. Check this first and then let us know what happens.


/edit I think Noel solved his issue with drivers from the manufacturer’s website, but I can’t say for sure.

Where do I go to disable the onboard graphics?

There’s an option in BIOS that says “Init Display First” and lets me set my primary display card.

It’s currently set to PCI slot which is the default, but my Gfx is in the PCIE slot, so I’ve change that but it’s still the same.

Whenever I uninstall the drivers, the computers display is fine.

Could be having a funny with the monitor… check your VGA cable or DVI cable is 100% secure and check in device manager that you have a valid monitor profile for the screen you have… have known this when the DCC info is not transmitted from the monitor to the PC computer does not know what type the montor is and uses default safe settings…


Did you install the chipset drivers for the motherboard before the gfx Card when you did the initial install ?

Are we on XP / Vista ?

If I had the issue on an XP system I think my course of action would go something like…

  1. into control panel… add/re move software… & remove Gfx drivers
  2. pop into device manager / click display adaptors / right click any devices showing and opt for un-install.
  3. in device manager click Monitors and right click any display and un-install

Reboot system

If loading XP it prompts for gfx drivers… Click Cancel
Re-install AMD chipset drivers off your drivers CD that came with the motherboard.

Reboot system

Install NVidia driver

Reboot system

If its still in 4 bit colour @ 800x600 recheck to see if there is a monitor profile in device manager should in some way pick up your display and report as a plug & play monitor if all is ok also might be worth opening up the Nvidia control panel and looking at the system info section to see if it reports anything out the norm.

Installed Motherboard drivers before the gfx.

On XP.

Already removed gfx drivers and reinstalled via CD and via Windows install wizard thing.

I’ll try reinstalling motherboard and gfx drivers like you said.

I haven’t been able to find the nvidia control panel, the manual said something like that was there but couldn’t see it.

Also, when I go into Device Manager and expand the section it comes up with the gfx card but doesn’t show and RAM on it.

and when I tried installing Stalker, it shows system stats compared to requirements and it showed “Geforce 9500GT ~0MB Ram” when it should have been showing 512.

EDIT: This is just a temporary OS I’m using which won’t activate and I’m buying new one in a few days. The OS is only Service Pack 1 and when I went to reinstall the motherboard drivers, one relating to the processor came up saying that it couldn’t do it unless computer was upgraded to SP2.

EDIT again: I just d/l’d the latest Drivers from nVidia.com and went to install. A dialogue box pops up with the title “Windows Installer” and says “Incorrect Command Line Parameters”

Press OK and the installation says it is completed.

You will need to upgrade XP to service pack 2 or the system will not run correctly and may cause the graphics driver not to run correctly.

The Nvidia control panel will show if you have installed the drivers correctly. Right click on the desktop, go to properties and click on the settings tab, then click on the Advanced tab and you should see a GeForce tab amongst the others for General, Adaptor, Monitor, etc. If you can’t then the drivers have not installed correctly.

The fact that the control panel does not show any RAM on the graphics card, suggests that it is not reading the gfx card. The card might be faulty. I assume that the card is seated correctly on the mobo?

Reinstalling XP with SP2 and will reinstall Drivers.

I’m pretty sure it’s mounted properly, I got my tutor to do it. I also had to take the computer to the shop to get a new PSU because the original was blown when I got it. The guy in the shop checked pretty much everything, so yea I assume it’s mounted.

If the PSU blew after you fitted the new Abit mobo, it is possible that the motherboard may have been damaged and could be contributing towards your problem. If the new PSU was fitted before the new mobo, then it should be OK. The mobo may still work, but some functionality might be stopped by a damaged mobo.

The computer is refusing to boot from an XP installation CD. Can’t run it from in Windows because there is only one partition.

The PSU was blown before I got it, and wouldn’t start at all when we turned it on for a test run. Could that have screwed the motherboard?

I might just wait until Monday, and I’ll ask my tutor to have a look. He’s been doing this stuff for awhile, and there’s a computer shop across the road.

A blown PSU can damage a mobo as I found out when looking at my bosses PC. It took out the graphics card, mobo and the hard drive and I ended up replacing the GFX card, mobo, RAM, CPU, PSU and hard drive because there was no guarantee that other damage might have occurred. It wasn’t worth the risk causing further damage to other components.

It’s tough when it happens, but possibly the most economical solution if you have no other way of testing the components.

That’d suck. I’m at a PC engineering course, so I’ll take it in tomorrow and let the tutor look at it.

If he can’t help or if he thinks it could be more damage, I’ll take it across to the pc shop. If it’s the PSU that damaged it, they can replace it all because it was blown before we got it. Nothing started when we turned it on, not even the fan.

Ok I’ve fixed it.

Firstly, I want to say thanks to all of you for giving me tips and Mod comment: word removed to help.

So this morning I took in my computer, and my amte and I swapped out the USB Keyboard for a PS2 Keyboard which loads quicker, so we could get it to boot from disc.

I then loaded up a new version of XP with SP2 and installed all the drivers for motherboard, including the Processor one which wasn’t loading before, but wasn’t telling me that it wasn’t loading because it was a quick install.

Loaded Gfx drivers, and computer is now in full colour, with 1200 res :smiley:

Mod comment: please refrain from swearing in your posts

The reason for not booting with the USB kb is because you didn’t enable the USB keyboard and mouse support in the BIOS. By defauilt it will only see PS2 after the mobo posts. This stops you from hitting any key to boot from CDRom or hit F8 to go into safe mode. The reason it worked first time is because there was no OS on the drive so it booted from the CD automatically to add one.

Just a heads up as it seems you’re learning.

BTW, I would install SP3 for XP if I were you. Check it out first but it worked wonders for me.

Sweet as man. I had the idea it might be that on Saturday night but I didn’t have a PS2 keyboard lying around.

Thanks for the tip though, I don’t know much bout hardware and the BIOS.

Most of my knowledge is based around software.

But learning it :stuck_out_tongue:

Incompatible driver I guess. try looking for the latest driver. get from the official site though.

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