A bit of Dirt does you good

TheRegister has an article on the benefits of South African Dirt and how it can beat MRSA, which is handy!

From purely anecdotal experience I remember trips to South Africa always involving “Dinner at Grannys”.
Granny was still growing her own veggies and serving them to an enduring family once a month. Being well past 90 years of age she couldnt see that well and the home grown spinach was always crunchy thanks to a little bit of garden making it to the plate.
She finally passed away at 97 in good health almost every day.
Mad as a box of frogs but healthy none the less

But its proof that what doesnt kill you makes stronger!
Going to encourage my kids to grow some veggies this summer I think.

Except AIDS;)

Glad I live in SA and I can certainly agree. We used to grow all our own veggies when I was a kid. Nothing quite like eating tomatoes stright from the bush or figs from the tree.

Also on a side line to the above, its has been mentioned that our over
cleaning of food products scrubbing away the dirt has a negative impact
on blood pressure due to something being present that actually lowers
the blood pressure in the same way asprin is used commonly today to achieve
the same result.

Erm, by eating soil I meant the garden variety Drezha!

Think you’ve watched a bit too much TubGirl-3D



I was implying AIDS wont kill you but it wont make you stronger…

EDIT: I apologise for the comment…someone left me bad feedback and indeed it is slightly bad taste but is only meant as a joke…