A challenge from Seti USA

So then, we have a new gauntlet that has been laid down to us. Due to the current “situation” with Seti the race I mentioned that could happen has fallen through, but we have a challenge that has been set.

SIMAP - a nice easy one. We are not a big SIMAP team but I am sure we could be :chuckle:

First to 400K, TPR and SetiUSA - who is up for the challenge ?


I don’t currently crunch Simap but a race sounds like a hoot :slight_smile:
count me in I’ll install it on a couple of my machines later :smiley:

im guessing there umph will rise as we are quiet a bit ahead of them :slight_smile: yer im up for it :smiley:

Dont remember the SIMAP optmisied application. That should help :wink:

I’m already there. Turned up the wick on SIMAP over Predictor and Rosetta.

This sounds fun, can’t resist a Gauntlet:p

Challenge accepted via email this morning :slight_smile:

First to 400K team total - engage hyperdrive and taunting :Poke: :smiley:


Yep…up for that. Will put another box or 2 onto it as well. :smiley:


There seems to be one heck of a call to arms over at SetiUSA, have we got enough ? Are we stretching too far with these races ? Time will tell - go for them SIMAP’ers :smiley:


I had a 2.6GHz P4 that for some reason messed up some of Mrs N’s childcare software when running Folding:confused:

So, it was left running Rosetta for old times sake, but now is switched over to Simap. It may not be much, but when we whoop those Beefy boys on Folding, then the whole sheebang can get switched over if you need the extra:cool:

I’ve halted Predictor and turned Rosetta down as far as poss. See if that helps.

i put an Athlon64 3.200+ into the Fun :wink: hope it will help…

Sir Ulli

Its ON -

This should be a great race for both our teams - we at seti.usa have not been big an SIMAP or many other projects, I have been trying to get some of the members over there looking at other projects - it worked with Rosetta, took us from 110th to 25th in 45 days, currently 6th for RAC - and climbing -

Hope it will do the same for SIMAP - good luck guys - you have a HUGE head start on us - OVER 200,000 credits ahead of us - dang - Maybe we should do it to 500,000 - na - keep it interesting -

Taunting to be mandatory - all in good fun

We have gained 3 places for RAC in the past 24 hours - now watch us explode.

Good Luck to all.

Kevint - seti.usa

just put also an Athlon 2.500 to the Fun … :slight_smile:

Sir Ulli

Nice one Ulli :thumbsup: I’ve kind of made it a personal target to get a load of these inter team races going, relight the spark as it were :smiley:


Get the crunching spirit back into crunching? :smiley:

You guys notice anything new on the stats today with SIMAP ??

SETI.USA broke through 100K - up from 83K when we started this little race -
We are still firing up the engines -
I am putting 4 new Pent D’s online for the race - have 4 more in the mail - but alas- they may not make it here in time -

Still you guys have a real lead - but 15K on our side yesterday did not hurt.

Looking for a solid 20K or more a day to just keep up with you guys -

there are another Team from Germany who will into the Fun,


at Place 16


is there a chance to change this too

first at 500k…

Sir Ulli

We have missile lock! Hehe :luke:


how’s the move back to SIMAP on your rigs going binlala ?