A Clean computer is a productive computer!

I had noticed the heat rising and rising in my (already hot) P4 Prescott. Pulled it appart, vaccumed and dusted it all. I noticed a lot of dirt on the heat sink and that was all cleaned as well. Finished it off with some new thernal compound.

Before the cleanup Prescott was running at almost 85C full load (thats when I got really worried and decided to clean it) Now its steady at 56C.

I have also noticed a major increase in the productivity of folding@home. I have two clients running on this HT rig. Machine ID 1’s wu was taking 1:16:31 per frame, now 27:28! Over 45 mins less per frame. MachineID 2’s wu was taking 2:01:03 per frame, now 45:26! Thats over 75 mins less per frame.

I have read that prescott CPU’s throttle down when they pass 80C to prevent damage… looks like mine was affected a lot.

If you haven’t cleaned in a while, I highly recommend it. I’m cleaning the rest of mine tommorow.

It’s a great idea that. It is scary how much dust gets into the PC. It actually started jamming the cooling fan when I last looked.

I clean mine every 2-3 months for that very reason (and the laptop every month) even though most of my cases these days have intake filters to reduce the amount of crap getting in.

I had construction done in my house… kept the computers off during it, but it still took in a lot of drywall dust… and I have 3 cats :slight_smile:

correction… my girlfriend owns the cats… :slight_smile:

Just taken my Duron offline. :frowning:
Believe it to be heat…it restarted earlier and just did it again…

Will give it a clean ASAP.

Will add another fan I think as well :S and clear the aiways…I have a reel olf arial cable bloking a side port… :frowning:

Here is a url for a freebie program… ThrottleWatch. It will tell you if your
Pentium 4 is being throttled back.

@Fenix25…awesome…another Invader Zim fan…very cool. :slight_smile:

Zim rocks! are you kidding?!

Thanks for the link Tom!