A couple from Michigan

some pics


Canadian geese at the Fallsburg bridge

The oldest wood frame church in Michigan corner stone set 1877

My great great great grandfather (Michael Farrell) was one of the founding members. Note the interesting patterns in the slate roof.


i have always wondered, why did they build the bridges with walls and a roof?

Probably to keep the ice and rain off it. Preserves the wood longer and presents less of a hazard during winter. Plus it just looks cool.

Exactly right, that is why they did it. It protects the wooden truss work.

Very interesting article and super photo of the church.

This temporary shelter was nicknamed a “wigwam”
by Father McManus.

The Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool also has the nickname “Paddy’s Wigwam” - you can see why here.

Great pics Major. Hope your trip was OK.

Mom’s 80th birthday party was held here. Fredrick Meijer Botanical Gardens.

THAT! is one impressive greenhouse!! :smiley: