A D²OL update

Personally, I called time on D²OL a couple of weeks ago as although the right noises were coming from TRI people, it seemed ‘all talk and no action’ to me.

I was keeping a gentle eye on things though ‘just in case’ only to find they have had another server failure (1x HDD + 1x RAID controller failure + data corruption) - this time the Member Services server which controls logins and node info. Net results are inability to log in to accounts and another stats zero :rolleyes:

Kind of put me off permanently now :frowning:

Indeed, I too stopped my clients and started them Folding. Probably a good job :frowning:

It is saddening to see a worthwhile project like D2OL going through these issues, but they really needed to call a halt and sort themselves out. If/when they get sorted I will consider going back.