A little red Rosetta...

Well I’ve been looking for something I can run on my MacBook and now I’ve found it. Unfortunately Docking doesn’t support Macs so I’ll be crunching Rosetta@home instead.

It’s not much only one laptop but it should boost TPR output in Rosetta by 10-20% I guess.

Anyone else got any macs they want to put to good use are welcome to join me and my little red Rosetta!!!


:thumbsup: Rosetta is a worthwhile science. Glad to see another join :slight_smile:

my iMac has joined in, was cold in the office an hour ago and now I’ve got a window open :lol:

me rejoined giving the team a little push

hmm, has to be some power saving kicking in or something else taking the CPU on my iMac :frowning:

GenuineIntel Intel® Core™2 CPU T7400 @ 2.16GHz [x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6] yet at most it’s doing 720points a day :eek:

how do these timings look for WU’s ?

Fair enough if Rosetta is a low points project, but that CPU if not on OSX and running docking would be around 4.5k points a day, my lowly 1.8Ghz dual core2 (non duo) cpu’s average credit on Docking kills this in terms of points.


Rosetta tends to be a lower credit application, unfortunately.

Here’s a few to compare with:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ 2.2GHz running SuSE

Intel E5700 3.0GHz running Windows 7 x64

Yeh its very low credit my I5 macbook wuad core was only doing about 1300 per day.

Thats gone now tho so no more rosetta for me! Shortlived but still every little helps!!


Appreciate the help! :thumbsup:

Due to running out of Docking WU thought I’d give R@H a little try… seems to grab a fair chunk of memory compared to Docking and I only run 4GB on my X6’s (running 32-bit XP) and the credit return ain’t so good. :frowning:

Going to stick to Malariacontrol for backup crunching… a project we are seem to do very little crunching for and deserves some effort.!!!

Haven’t heard about that project. Might take a look at it. Cheers Fiend :thumbsup:
/edit Joined and attached :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Droid;463287]Haven’t heard about that project. Might take a look at it. Cheers Fiend :thumbsup:
/edit Joined and attached :)[/QUOTE]

We’re down at a lowly #205 with a lowly 500K credit… Cheers for joining in Droid…

It is lower in the ppd department than some of the other projects, but stil good science. I’ll hold down the fort and anchor things in Rosetta for a while, I guess :slight_smile:

Thrown a few towards the cause… nothing over the top just the two work machines :slight_smile: