a middle of the night dump

:wiggle: :bigdump: :Poke:

move over chaps :stuck_out_tongue:

well, well, well

look who is next in the ladder :wink:

DALE the price is right, COME ON DOWN!!


edit: the last thing your going to hear dale, before i take your soul play

nice dumpage :smiley: Glad to see you’ve moved clear of me, I was fearful of what may happen if I stomped you :wink:

Oi…ya :stomp: ed me :eek:

come back 'ere and, err, mmm…

      .........how do you challenge the king of darkness :confused:  ;) 

/methinks an EVE-Online pod kill may be a good fix to this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Well :bigdump: :stomp:! :devil: :thumbsup:

Excellent crunching Lucifer. :thumbsup:

Nice one Lord Of Darkness :worship::cool:

Nice dumpage mate :thumbsup: :headbang:

nice :bigdump: m8



Nice one :wink: