A personal apology from OC's racecar12.

I did not mean for this to get out of hand, nor did I mean to insinuate TPR was cheating. I saw statistics that did not look correct to me and commented to quick. After a little checking with the stats, I realized that the main seti@work TPR page does not add new members wu’s to the daily production. I apollogize for my ignorance.

I could have stoped this sooner but had too many life problems to get my head back to the puter to find the missing link. But once again I apollogize on behalf of myself and the entire OC forum.

Thanks Racecar12.

Thank You racecar12. It is not always easy to apollogize. But do not apollogize for the reason you did it. A cheater really has no place in SETI and all must look out for those who do. It was not ignorance that caused you to question TPR’s output. It was your compassion for what we all like to see in a group of people who DONATE their time for a cause. After all, this is not about who has done the most or who is on top. It is about Crunching WU’s for SETI. To find and prove what is only dreamed about at this point. LIFE other than that on Earth. Never stop questioning. Just temper it with knowledge. TPR is a proud team and I am sure only 1 of many. We do not hold with Cheaters, as it lessens what we have accomplished. Be proud of your team as they have noticed an irregularity and Questioned it as we are proud of ours for not having what you were seeking within our group. Again Thank You

Your welcome. I really did not mean for this to get so out of hand. OC is really a great team and we are all doing this for the same reason. I have been doing this close to three years now and can’t rightly believe I made such a misstake:(

Cheers for coming over to calm things down!

Might even start posting over there again now I’ve revived my forum account

Thanks racecar12 and welcome to our Forums :slight_smile:

Thankyou for the apology racecar12 :slight_smile:

It takes a big man to admit that he’s wrong and give a formal apology. Welcome to the TPR forums and i hope we’ll see you again at some point :smiley:

Have a :cuddle: friend.

Thanks for the excuse :cuddle:

And now let’s forget all about it quick:nod:

A very honourable thing to say :nod:

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

respect to you fine sir.

lets not :argue: lets :cuddle:

Thank you racecar. :thumbsup: I’m quite sure we all appreciate your stopping by to say a few words. :nod: Now that you’re a member perhaps you will read our threads from time to time.:cool:

Respect racecar12.

Much appeciated and accepted.

I will leave the :cuddle: ‘n’ :kisskiss: to SpeedyJ and offer a :drink: instead.

Sometimes you just gota eat a little crow:flip:

Originally posted by jimwyser
Thank You racecar12. It is not always easy to apollogize. But do not apollogize for the reason you did it. A cheater really has no place in SETI and all must look out for those who do.

We had the unfortunate pleasure of having to report and eventually removing one of our top crunchers at overclockers.com due to cheating. We had many open discusions about him in our forum but he never responded. It was not a pretty sight. But in the end we were very happy to see him and his wu’s leave the team.

OK, group hug…:cuddle: :kisskiss:

Originally posted by Neal Chantrill
You know, i missed all this!:confused: I have totally no idea whats gone on:dunce:

I know what you mean come back from the weekend and just look at the mess :wink:

@Racecar12 :cheers:

:cheers: bud, it’s all water under the brighe now :smiley:
Lets get back to Seti :stomp:ing, as we just :stomp:ed the
Planetry Society :banana:

Apology most definitely accepted. As has already been said, there’s certainly nothing wrong with trying to spot cheaters in the Seti project.

Thank you all for being understanding and welcoming me to your forum. I’ll keep stoping by to see how you are doing.

Are most of you overclocking here at TPR? It sure does wonders to your ouput if you have a farm.:cool: