a poll.......

Of those us in the UK, what percentage are supporting Portugal tonight i wonder?

what happend to the ’ I hate sport so who gives a monkeys’ option

I do and I don’t but … british pride and all that wot wot

theres no scottish option… :stuck_out_tongue:

missed the match anyway (was at the theatre).

TBH I wanted England out ASAP. An not for the usual reason. Its all the commentator go on about. You could be watching a completely unrelated match, and before, half time and post match, all you get is the england highlights, and NOT the match thats being played.

Mind you now that they’re out, its STILL all they go on about…

Cannae win…

(mind you - havent heard much about the rugby (we always knew you were as sh*te as us :p)… or the cricket (congrats BTW)…)

I am supporting Greece because my favourite bar here is Greek.
Greece made the French look like a bunch of school girls - mind you
they were playing so badly even the Corinthian Casuals could have
beaten them that night.

c’mon the Greeks !

(was at the theatre).<<<<<<<<<<<,oooooooo what did u see sir??