A post from the bar :)

sat here pint in hand and just set up :slight_smile: :smiley:


Well been here many hours and had a ‘few’ beers…almost forgot about you lot of slackers that ain’t here :smiley:

Mostly packed, off to bed shortly and will set of tomorrow morning to join you :stuck_out_tongue:

here already, set in place with plenty of snacks and alcohol!


Brrrrrr its snowing and everything. Can you have lager warm??

Been sitting round the open fire for a few hours tonight while waiting on Sarge to arrive :smiley:

It’s deffo not as cold as past winters (although not exactly tropical) as we have the open fire going and numerous heaters dotted about the room :clap:


well been here since yesterday but only just got access, so Fluffy and Damski chacking in :slight_smile:

Been here months :wink:

And so it begins :smiley:

Setting off about 9.30… got a good long drive to go :slight_smile:

I’m sitting right across from this :smiley:

MMMMMMMmmmmmmm F I R E . . . . . . . . . . … . . . . .

Want me to bring anything to overclock the fire ?

:nono: You stick to the fireworks :wink:

On my way now - should take me about 3 hours given the conditions!

Just had some good news as well - so get the Reverend ready :smiley:

I am here and am sated on Ham & Eggs :slight_smile:

Now watching PMM rebuild his PC

Made it, less snow here than in Swindon. On second pint of rev james and everything is better :slight_smile:

COOOOEEE :wavey:

I Got here yesterday.
Nice warm and cosy now.

This is gonna be a good un’

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Arrived about an hour ago, PC running, havnt made it to the bar yet :eek: thats the next stop

I’m here… pc up, tent up… beer about to go down :slight_smile: