A query on GFX cards re: crunching

Have a Dell XPS lappie which has the AGEIA PhysX processor card fitted as well as 2 X 512 nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX cards which I’m hoping could be put to some use on BOINCE. Anyone have a clue if this / they can be used???

:xfinger: If so, it would allow me to crunch for Picard and also TPR.

Any help appreciated.

You should be able to crunch on that, anything 8800 and later is OK
Anything on this page will work.
You need the latest drivers .

Cheers Mr M. Will have to update BIOS prior to updating other drivers… but at least it’s somewhere to start.

If anyone else reads this, info on TPR projects using these GPU’s would be useful… prefer the medical sciences if pos?

FOLDING or if you prefer BOINC try GPUGRID otherwise SETI

Edit - GPUgrid may have other constraints, check their website for GPU compatibility. not all CUDA devices are usable.

Well it looks like this quest is on a slow boat to nowhere. Have tried all the updates - BIOS and new drivers all without success as the CUDA drivers refuse to find the hardware??? In fact updating the GPU drivers caused erratic behaviour so I’ve had to revert back to the original Dell versions to get things back to normal.

Not to worry though as I’ll work out the angle of the dangle by spending a month here and a month there.

Thanks anyway Mr M for the links and advice.