A slap from Mr Brown ?

Well it seems that the 1% of heavy gas guzzling cars are going to see a road tax increase to £210 per annum.

I’ll have to check a bit more closely but I think a 2300 DOHC galaxy just squeaks in under the limit of 250g/Km for CO2 emissions. Mines a 150Bhp model that was discontinued/detuned to 140bhp in later models for emissions purposes.
If it was automatic it definately wouldn’t!

Cant find any concise editorial but Top Gear was the first to clearly state the 250g limit.

March 22, 2006
Brown targets gas guzzlers
Drivers of the most heavily polluting cars will now pay £210 in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), often referred to as road tax.

The £210 figure applies to all cars that emit more 250 grams per kilometre of carbon dioxide.

The rise comes into immediate effect and is reckoned to apply to around one per cent of all cars on UK roads.

What the Chancellor took with one hand, he gave with the other in his Budget Day (March 22) speech.

Low-emissions vehicles will pay no VED, while changes to the road tax system mean that many more low-emissions cars will pay less

Of course this misses the point entirely that tax is being paid for usage of fuel anyway.

Found an online tool for checking the emissions rating of any UK vehicle


Rather chuffed with that, especially finding it from a .GOV site

So if your car shows more than 250g CO2 best start saving up for that next tax disk.

A brief list of cars to be hit, far from exhaustive, just a taster of the 1% of filthy cars the planet needs to be saved from

BMW M3 convertible 328g/KM In fact ALL M3’s by the looks of it
BMW 540i 250g/km

VW Golf R32 259g/km

Any Petrol Passat with 4wd

VW Sharan 2.0 Auto

Most Mondeo V6 Auto

Toyota Previa 2.4 Auto

Vauxhall Signum 3.2 auto

A rough guess says this is going to be more than 1% of cars

hehe, how about a '67 Chevy Camaro with 5.7 liter and a Holly 780 cfm… That baby would put out 250gm a sec with a foot down on it!

Sounds like a tax state to me. Although here your car must pass an actual sniff test, if it fails you are required to do a minumum of $250 in professional repairs to get a waver. And it goes like that annually until it passes. Then it is a 2 year reprive on the sniff. Even the harleys have to pass.

i dont think he was heavy enough to be honest - its the X5 school run that he was aiming for, but a lot of people who NEED a large vehicle will be hit too.

i’d rather see the tax disc abolished and the extra put on petrol, that way there is no avoidance.

lets see…
average car tax 170 quid?
average mileage 12000
average consumption 35mpg

350 gallons per year / 170 quid =50p per gallon

add 11p per litre tax on petrol and get rid of the tax disc sorted.

heavy users pay more, light users pay less - might need some fine tuning but in essence thats the problem resolved. AND its easier to find 3 quid a week extra than the annual pocket-bash for the tax disc.

You can also check your cars emissions for more recent cars on the DVLA web site. It’s free & you don’t have to register. Just link through, put in your reg & model and it brings up loadsa details on your car.

Great for looking up detail on cars you are looking to purchase too!!

/edit My car shows up as no data available, so I guess that means I don’t have to pay tax on my old Volvo :smiley:

and its also a good site for checking if a car is licensed or not

Maybe an advantage of owning an older big car…says on the dvla site emmissions not available and tax is still £170

Thats a fantastic site Droid

Just been plumbing in all my old car registrations to see if any of my former cars are still running. So far they all appear to have expired.

The most suprising was my 1982 Austin Ambassador, which survived until 1991.
Why does that suprise me ?
Well I traded it in against a Maestro in 1987 so it survived almost four years.
My money is on it needing a clutch change and it proved rather difficult with the engine welded in (kept breaking engine mounts :chuckle:)

here’s a scenario for you then, Mr Brown. I own a tank, a massive thing that outputs a 1000g.

I drive it twice a year and do 1500 miles, outputting (no calcs done) 4000g.

My nice cheap litte 1400cc that is only outputting 170g (est) I run into the ground at 90K miles a year. Yet Mr Brown gets less money to spend on the roads from this car, than he does from the car that doesn’t wear down the tarmac.

I’m with Radar. Multiple tax systems is no answer for this. A flat “admin” fee that pays for some twonks to keep the database up to date and the rest on petrol.


Mine puts out 287 so its def in the new higher range :rolleyes:

And now it costs just under £50 to fill it with petrol. Does anyone else
remember when they changed it from price per gallon to litre because we
are now approaching the £5 per gallon mark fast.

Labour will take and take until we can’t take it any longer…

Just spent some time going through this site http://www.vcacarfueldata.org.uk/ved/ to try to find one of the cheap banded cars…cheapest i could find was £75…wheres all the £40 or free ones? Or maybe they haven’t updated the site yet.

cool mine came out 211g/Km big sigh of relief

Nice list here leanist to meanist


Ahh, the mythical tax free car.

There are two apparently

Honda Insight
Smart Diesel

And the entry band for £210 Vehicle Excise Duty (its not a TAX after all !) is 225g/km

Bad News PMM, you get to pay £190. There is a £190 band F for vehicles between 185/225 G/km.

As ever the hike was publicised as being a penalty for a small minority but catches a few unexpected motorists who thought they were safe.
How many Audi A4 1.6 owners will be miffed at the rise in VED for their gas guzzling 1.6’s ?

as the driver of a Volvo XC90 said to me yesterday,

“when the tires cost me £270, I think I can cope with an extra £30”

The stupid thing is, that once on the motorway, his 2.5tonne monster of a people carrier (lots of kids) at cruising speed for him, my engine is being thrashed. We get about the same mpg comparitively (his is a diesel).


My Honda Accord 2.2 diesel executive which carries just me 90% of the time will now cost £110 a year - nice one Mr. Brown :slight_smile:

and may also help to reduce the crime rate, and save on our insurance

Last year over 142,000 duplicate tax discs were issued by the DVLA, many of which because the original disc had been stolen.
The thief will gain entry to your car by force, i.e. by smashing a window or forcing the door lock. They will steal your tax disc and alter the details so they can use it on another car.
If your tax disc is stolen, you will have the inconvenience and cost of repairing any damage, plus the added inconvenience and cost of buying a replacement tax disc (presently £7.00).

hands up if you, or someone you know, has had their tax disc stolen (me raises hand - the :cussing: 's)

Nice one Prudence, instead of penalising the users of fuel (and therefore producers of emissions) by looking at usage x mileage, just penalise the bigger emitters. Stoopid as usual.

Radar’s suggestion seems much better, mind you I’ve said for years income tax should be abolished and VAT raised by a large amount for the same reason, you pay VAT on luxury items only, and the more you buy the more tax you pay. Easy, simple, commonsense - too easy for politicians obviously :wink:

:haha: Also good to see if your old bangers are still on the road or not :chuckle:

@mojo, trouble with that is that VAT is a lot harder to collect than PAYE. every employer is an unpaid servant of old Gordys, and we collect the tax up front for him and save the government the work. gits.

i remember the payroll/pension/personnel industry bodies looked at this some years back and suggested a broadly similar scheme to yours. the unofficial answer form government was that government would have to pay staff to do what employers do for free…