A "sponsor me" type post

In a effort to fight off middle age and generally feel a bit fitter I took to cycling a year or so back. I was really into it when I was a teenager and used to do a fair distance out of necessity, but then came motorbikes… then cars, why would I possibly want to cycle ?
Kick on a few years and well, life is cruel and living the same way just doesn’t work now…
Brought myself a fairly decent bike which I thought would just end up looking good on the wall in the garage but no, i’ve put in nearly 1000 miles over the last year during the sunny months and now I’m making more of an effort to ride to work 3 times a week and i’m looking to do some real distance rides.
Next year I want to do London to Brighton but right now i’m looking to do a 50km ride (about 31 miles) in aid of the NSPCC.

I have to admit, i’m primarily doing this as a personal goal but the cause is good and if i can raise a few quid for the NSPCC along the way it can’t be a bad thing can it, they say a third of kids that ring childline don’t actually get through to talk to somebody, who knows, maybe a few quid will make a difference.

So, please, if you can, give THIS link a click and sponsor me :slight_smile:

Thanks to whoever made this a sticky one :cool:

Also cheers to the peeps who have stuck a few quid on me !

No probs :wink: I will do mine tonight :smiley:

Thanks Hids, that would be great :slight_smile:

And I’ve got a memory like a goldfish :doh: Nudge me tonight on msn to remind me please? Even if it appears that I’m offline :wink:

lol, yea… I do that too :wink:

Well I did it :smiley:

They staggered the start, 75k people went first and they looked very serious, we went half hour later at 9.30 and the 25k people at 10.00. The first 5k was easy, being in a crowd you couldn’t get into your own rhythm but as we got out of the first few bridleways and it opened out I picked up on a few riders that were picking their way through the crowd and drifted up the pack.
Mostly downhill to start with and then we hit 25k and turned off the road. The off road bits were fantastic, I reckon I was in the first 25 riders at this point, by the time it got to a few hundred I dread to think how the muddy bits were but as I went through them it was proper mountain biking, picking your way through muddy ruts and trying to find the path that had the least risk of you coming off :chuckle: Stopped pretty sharp a couple of times, one of which could have been nasty, only a foot away from a pretty serious drop.
Turned into fields and then uphill and back to back lanes around sussex, really hard work at that point, as you got to the top of each hill you’d hope for a flat or downhill run but invarable it was up again.
Last 5k was harder as I merged with the 25k riders but got through them to finish on my own rather than in a crowd.

Did it in 2 hours and 58 minutes, one of the first 10 to get back from the 50k riders too :slight_smile:

Bike looks a complete mess, caked in mud. I’ll ride it in to work later this week for a jet clean off, but today I really didn’t feel like riding !

Thanks to those who sponsored me :thumbsup:

One muddy bike

One muddy Me

Congrats m8 chill out and relax i could not do that

Had a Roast dinner and a beer or two yesterday afternoon… not moving far from the office chair today :chuckle:

Well done Peige :thumbsup: