A4074 ?

Some of you lot are bound to have used the A4074 recently, maybe even today.

Bet you didnt know its the most dangerous road in Britain?

Well apparently it is but the way statistics are compiled it was excluded from the list of Britains most dangerous roads as its

“not rated as a main trunk road. Yet its accident rate is higher than any of the officially designated dangerous roads and it is arguably the worst in Britain.”

I drive along that one a few times a year depending on my mood and whether I fancy the motorway or A-road route to Mojos. From seeing the chavs drag racing on the straight bits, I can kind of guess where the accidents are :sigh:


In Canada, we have a stretch of highway called the 401. Near toronto, it is 8 lanes wide and is the busiest road in Canada. In the winter time just north of Toronto, during blizzards, there are 50-100 car pileups frequently… needless to say I don’t drive on it in the winter :wink:

but is it the most dangerous road in Britain?

They have put up signs on the A595 in Cumbria stating 1245 casualties in a 5 year period.

Yes, 1245 casualties :eek: