aaaaaaaaargh !!

You rotters :slight_smile:

Just looked at Seti Team, and noticed that I (and most others) had suddenly gained about 4 places :eek:

Previous experience of this type of sudden skyward leap led me to assume we had lost a few members, not forgetting also the usual habit of doing all milestones at least twice :rolleyes:

Thankfully it seems it is just a few people amalgamating their accounts (in laymans terms, sticking all their turnips in one, or two, stewpots ) :smiley:

/ me goes for a lie down until the tremors stop :Poke:

:lol:, damn yer a tart! :lol:

Too bad you had such a big scare. :eek:

We haven’t had any defections, except our own to Life Mappers.:smiley:

One of the tarts is me. :smiley: I ended up merging my account with my son’s and I’m basically giving up on mine. I tried to have it deleted but Matt said they couldn’t because it’s still tied to the results it produced.

I’ll also be doing a little bit of renaming so headsup wolram. :wink:

Just get them W/U’s blasting out there Jeff :smackbum: :Poke: