About damn time...

That I added myself back onto DC projects.

Ok so it wont be 24/7 but I should begin to post some Rosetta at home scores soon…

Welcome back :slight_smile: theres a lot of activity lately… and its nice to see :slight_smile:

Technically I’m runnign Enigma@home 95% of the time BOINC is running… Cryptography is a liitle hobby so helps to sort that out.

will be great to see you adding to it also.
Rosetta@TPR is cranking up!

Or maybe not.

BOINC is starting up on boot and is refusing to stop work when I’m trying to use the damn PC (this machine is a P4 2.66GHz and runs bad enough as is!)

Even better than my previous fix… set it to use 90% CPU. It does and it’s working nicely. Now I can listen to MP3’s AND crunch… :slight_smile: