Ack!!! TOO HOT!!!

2 crunchers will be off overnight due to heat problems.

At one point tonight I had 11ghz switched off 'cos it was just too warm!

85c in the room where the comps are ain’t good :nono:

85C! :eek: Is that a typo? Jeez water boils at 100C. :scared:

85C??? EEK! please tell us you meant 58C? otherwise we’re coming round with a bucket of water to make a sauna :smiley:

oops, I meant 85f :doh:


I take it your air conditioning is faulty?

Or do you not use it much there as if the room isn’t damp you don’t feel like you’re home.

Unfortunately AirCon in houses is very rare over here. I too am finding that a couple of machines are suffering due to heat and my house in Lytham is altogether far too hot at the moment :frowning:

Still, this is bound to be over in a few days and we will be back to cold and rain (the ‘normal’ British summer) :slight_smile:

Originally posted by richardlellisjr
I take it your air conditioning is faulty?

LOL :smiley:

The only air conditioning you get in the UK comes in cars… :wink:

For houses you either need to open the windows or the door… or both; but as I live in a ground floor flat neither is a good option during the night!

methinks that richardlellisjr may be developing a very good style of subtle sarcasm :nod: … me likes it :lol:

Originally posted by Repo
The only air conditioning you get in the UK comes in cars… :wink:

I was just :Poke: you all. I contradulate you for being able to survive indoors in the heat. Do your brains slow down? :confused: I know mine shifts into neutral in the heat.

The reason cars there now have air conditioning at least available is all cars here have it and no manufacturer can sell a car here without it. For years Mercedes had to install US made A/C units. My 1985 has a US unit. My 1999 Mercedes finally came with a European made system.

Do you people not have watercooling for your crunchers!!!:eek:

Seems some of you need a bit of motivation…:bondage:

I have 2 Compaq Proliant 4way xeons servers and 2 Dell 2 way Xeons workstations running in the garage.

It was over 110F yesterday outisde in the shade. (43C) Bet it was well over 120F out there.

Now that is HOT!

&^%^&* Freezing where I was today :rolleyes:

Air Coolers
Nuff said.

indeed this looks a beaut

I’m always nervous about damp air circulating around expensive computers.
Last year I bit the bullet and bought a £199 air-conditioner from B&Qs

So far this year I havent needed it!

Originally posted by Preecey
indeed this looks a beaut

Out of stock - must have been bought up by all the SETI crunchers out there with cooling problems :wink:

Arg the heat…
its been unbearable in Wales aswell, atleast until i got a nice desk fan:D
woke up last night, BOILING hot in my room, wander over to pc, stick my finger onto one of the hard drive casings and literally burn it. quickly shut it down to cool while i rip a 120 mm fan out of a spare psu (weired thing-its over a foot long) tie it to the side of the case over the hdd’s with spare bits of wire, then screw bare fan wires into a electrical molex-type connector, switch back on and go back to sleep:D. result, some nicly cooled hard drives, but now it sounds like a small jet aircraft is taking off in my room all the time

Originally posted by //\aster_Chief
…quickly shut it down to cool while i rip a 120 mm fan out of a spare psu (weired thing-its over a foot long)…

A 120mm fan that’s a foot long :confused:


somehow i knew somone would be kind enough to point that out;) left it in as a 'lil social experiment. its the psu thats a foot long, wierd proprietary fujitsu workstation thing.

14GHz switched off and it’s still 28C (83F) at 2am in here :frowning:

That makes for a very sweaty Hairy Monster :frowning: