Add another cruncher

Just resurrected last year’s dead motherboard. It had died due to what I thought was a failed memory controller. It had six electrolytics with popped tops, so I replaced those hoping that might fix things. Answer is: no, it really didn’t. However, in playing with it some more, I think it’s a flaky BIOS chip. Flashed the BIOS (twice) and several jump starts later it appears to be running stable. A few things mysteriously don’t work anymore; IDE2 and the on board LAN (can’t explain that… :confused: ), but drop in a spare PCI NIC card and it’s running again. Installed Fedora Core 3 (nice package) and away we go! Now to set up BOINC and SETI… :smiley:

“It’s Alive…!!!”

Nice one Egad :smiley:

Hoping to get a p4 2.6 up and running soon with a mix around of hardware i’ll be doing in the week which is going to free up a hd or 2. That and a mobo from ebuyers bargain basement should be adding the cruncher for the grand total of about £10-15 :smiley:

Alrighy - :thumbsup: sounds good Egad and Sirgaz!
That will be a few more steps closer to 12th for TPR!
I’ve got to get me a newer box :frowning: