Adding a raptor ?

If I have a single raptor and I want to stripe a pair, can I ghost off the image, add the drive make it raid and then resore the image ?

You might be able to do it but you’ll probably have to do it from Windows unless you make a custom driver disk that allows you to access the RAID array without being in Windows. Norton Ghost 9.0 might do it, but again you need RAID drivers.

Whats a raptop?

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I think it possible but not 100% sure. I’ve done similar going raid1 on win2k. Basically the possible sticking point is windows recognising the raid after you set it up. Way I do it is to enable and make sure the raid controller drivers are installed BEFORE you attempt the operation. Afterwards windows should be able to detect the new raid and after a reboot it’ll work as it should.

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WALLIS…you definitely CAN ghost a single Raptor and restore it onto a Raptor array, as long as you make the array and format it (best to not have any other drives connected if you want the array to be the C: drive) first. I used Ghost 9.0 when I did it and you need to have your RAID drivers available when booting from the Ghost 9.0 recovery CD.

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One other thing…if using a server operating system make sure you restore the drive signature as well.


Hey, does anyone know if you should restore the MBR in this instance? It seems to work fine but I don’t know if I should or not. :confused: