ADSL Upgrade from BT

Well, found a little site on BT and after a bit of form filling they are upgrading my ADSL from 2mb to 8mb on monday (all for the same 29.99 price)!!! Woohooo!

stick your phone number in the bit on the right about ADSL line checker, it tells you you’re ADSL Max Speed.

Just wish pipex would upgrade me don’t fancy moving over to BT.

Our local paper said we were upgraded to 8mb broadband at our exchange
the other day.

I got it from Zen at the begining of the week, and would you beleive it the price went down… go figure,

Stuck on a 2mb line :frowning:

not sure about the price going down for me, but i was regraded in the night…
wooot 8mb :slight_smile: