advice on migration needed

hi guys n gals,

as you hopefully know Whytefoxx is currently using fed core 3, but she wants to move to windows. all the programs she wants to use are windows based so all in all it would be easyer. now my question is whats the best way of migrating all of her user data and files to xp from fed core 3, bear in mind that she will still use the same hardware…


oh and no windows is bad linux is good posts please :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d use an external USB flash drive or burn it to CD-rom. That way you can nuke the hard disk and not worry about loosing anything or have any chance of any linux residuals getting in the way of windows.

In agreeance with Mackerel, any external, removable media to store the data files is good. USB hard drive, cd/dvd-r/rw, plus this makes for a good backup. Another if the machine is networked is to copy the data over to another networked computer (smb/cifs(Samba) if its to another windows box, nfs if its to another linux system.). Either than that, the only other thing I can think of is the Master Boot sector, wiping out the linux boot loader. 2 ways to do that would be an old win98 boot floppy or install cd, then fdisk /mbr. 2nd would be a knoppix cd, then in terminal dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda count=512 which should wipe out the master boot and partition table. Then you are ready to partition it for xp.

Agree with all of the above, if you don’t quite know what she’ll need once you’ve nuked Linux copy everything in sight, you can ignore quite a few directories, but get the home directory (watch out for hidden directories starting with “.”) at least plus any working/data directories. This should get most things, Linux is quite tidy in where it stores user data.

Because you are copying data files only not all the binaries, configs and kernel stuff there shouldn’t be much in the way of Mb to copy.

buy a new HD from Preecey :wink: :Pimp: :lol:

With everyone else, on any migration I try to keep the old disks in original state, then work on the new one for a month or so before taking the steps to delete the old one for re-use. If you do forget anything, (like passwords saved in Firefox etc etc) a HD or cable swap and you can get back.


theres no budget for new disks even second hand ones, i will try and free up some space on the network for all her stuff tot 60gb ish and then splat her box. ah well its something to do at the weekend, now where am i gonna find the extra 40gb of space i need…