Advice please

Hey all, i want to upgrade, but not looking for the nuts :eek:

Just looking for what poeple would suggest for someone who wants a (prefereably) amd cpu / board / chip / ram

my requirements are simple really, i have plently of ide hdds and wouldn’t want to buy any satas or anything like that, dont want to upgrade my graphics, so AGP is a must.
I am on a budget but would like something that will do nicely for a little while.

Any suggestions (or offers) would be greatly appriciated!:smiley:

Socket 939 3200 on a Gigabyte AGP board.

GA-K8U-939 is the one I use and I’m pretty stoked with it. It’s discreet (meaning no onboard video) and has IDE and SATA controllers. Stick in a gig of Corsair value ram and you’re good to go:nod:

Mobo -
Ram -


Thanks, mother board is what im looking at tbh, had aquick check about and found it for around £34 so it could be. Thanks anways matey:flip:

Any other suggestions?

this is US prices

what are you running at the moment ? with the new AMD socket stuff about to hit the market if you can hold on for a bit those prices may drop even more.


Prices falling already

Sempron 3000 + Motherboard + 256Mb
£89 plus vat

When I can get a Dual core + branded board for under £200 its upgrade time and time to relocate all the socket-A stuff

If you can wait, even if you want to buy AMD, wait until the new Intels come out. That is more likely to spark a “price adjustment”.

@DT the “new AMD socket stuff” has hit the market, the official launch was Tuesday. Have to say I didn’t pay attention to if it caused any price adjustments for s939. In the unscientific poll of people here there are not many looking to upgrade to it any time soon, so the second hand market might not be flooded with cheep 939s for a while yet.

The X2 3800+ is mature now and have nice overclocking capabilities.
I am not going to buy any new things anymore, been burnt already:mad:
Go for a ULi board that Juggy suggested ^^ or maybe a SiS 756 hm…
He, not bad:

the launch/release of the am2 may have been Tuesday, you try and find someone with more than one motherboard listed on website shops and a cpu to go in it. I spent twenty minutes looking and couldn’t find anything/anywhere with stock or listings for both parts :frowning: It’ll be a while I suspect before they are “readily” available.


Scan: CPUs mobos
Dabs: CPUs mobos
Ok, not the biggest choice but they have more than one type of both in stock.

sorry Grrd :Offtopic:
same everywhere else Mackerel, I had a scan (pun intended) round on Tuesday and found none, Ebuyer now have pretty much the same options, only the MSI boards. I do hope the supply gets better by the end of next week when I’ll be purchasing the kit for my new job :smiley:


Swinging somewhat back on topic, if you decide to wait for a potential price drop, Dailytech claim Conroe will be officially launched 23rd July. So a couple months away if correct. Woodcrest (server version) is rumoured to be launched next month, which may or may not do something to the opteron pricing.

There are some quite good options up there for some good money, but most only have 2 ide but have sata also, is it easily done (well when i say easily, i mean cheaply) to put a converter on these so i can put my IDE hdds on them? freeing up the ides for the dvds and such?

Asus Vintage AE1 Barebones System comes with case, PSU, mobo (which has AGP and PCI-e), and is AMD Socket 754 and can be had for around £65 inc VAT

Asus Vintage AH1 Barebones System is AMD S939 and is around £76 inc VAT. Whilst this does not have AGP it does have onboard Radeon X300 integrated so if it is not a gaming machine this would be OK.

I have just bought an AH1 to ‘dump’ my old 3500 into as it can be up and running with little expenditure.

An Abit Serillel 2 will allow you to run IDE drives on SATA channels

alta, that would be perfect, but only problem is i cant find any uk stores that seem to sell it (well after my 5 min googling) any suggestions?

Asus barebones here

Abit Serillel here

Not the first place I would ever choose to buy from - but they do have them.

Ebuyer :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, what you lot think of ;
AMD Athlon 64 3000 Retail / Abit UL8 / 2GB Geil PC3200 Dual Channel Kit - Bundle (BU-047-OK)
for £225(inc)
Think that this is a good deal, i did have a max amount of £200 but im sure i can fork out the extra £25, well that and the £12 for the serrile.
Oh and it looks like it wont come with a HS and Fan :frowning:

A good buy?

Microdirect was where I got my Asus vintage barebones for the kids, which also had the semi-reasoning that we have an affiliate link for them :Pimp: Really is a top quality build of all the parts and I was very surprised at the sempron64 performance, really happy with it.

Having just put together the Ebuyer bundle of the Clawhammer64 3000, board and cooler I have to say I’m pretty happy with that as well :smiley:


From MicroDirect:

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice Core 64 bit 512k L2 Cache Retail Skt 939 (3yr Manufacturers Warranty)
£ 58.25 Ex. VAT £ 68.44 Inc VAT
Asus V2-AE1 Barebone AMD skt 939 VIA K8M800 800FSB on board VGA SATA LAN USB2 (2yr Warr.)
£ 56.40 Ex. VAT £ 66.27 Inc VAT
Geil® Value 1GB DDR PC3200 400MHz DDR (Cas 3 8-4-4) with Aluminium heat spreader
£ 49.99 Ex. VAT £ 58.74 Inc VAT

Ex. VAT Inc. VAT
Total: £164.64 £193.45

I do not know why you need 2GB RAM. But there are 4 slots so you could add extra if you liked.

I have some serillel connectors if you need them.

Perhaps a bit more definition of exactly what you want/need this machine to do would help.