ahhh winter is over and its time to feel the heat :D

Ahhh a can of beer and some tunes and thats the life :smiley:
summer is comming :smiley: WOOT!

Well send some this way… tis blowing a gale and its hailed twice.

you are getting our weather for a change :stuck_out_tongue:

Its lovley out there :smiley: Jacks been out all day playing geting a bit of sun around him great he should just crash out tonight woooo hoooo lol

speak for youtself andy, i did 60 miles last night cross-country in what seemed like someone pouring the Atlantic through a collander! eyes are still feeling sore today 8-(

OOF… well were getting some good weather… your all welcome to come up for a drink :).

We got great sunshine here in Bristol, but we’re suffering from a bit of wind :fart: :smiley:

you need to lay off those beans droid :p.
We just got into the mood of things and had spicy fajitaa’s for dinner :smiley:
home made of course… :smiley:
and burnt the mouth off helen :D…
/me thinks she needs to try saten’s blood :smiley:

T’was a cracking day down here too. Emptied a load of stuff out of the garage onto the lawn and got to grips with sorting out some of the dross. Whilst at it, put a new bench in for Chris, his last one was kiddey height. Finishes his Masters degree soon and will be back living with us. Mrs B is V happy about that - (don’t like to tell her he’s planning on buying his own house soon).
Anyway got a good deal on a Halfords drawer set for him, 30% off this weekend. Trouble is I’ve filled all the drawers up with my own stuff :frowning:


Oh btw the saw is all about starting the DIY. Got all the beech skirtings, door frames and architrave arriving in a week’s time so be prepared for some Balrog DIY action (maybe) :smiley:

hmmm notice how there is not a single spec of sawdust :p.
were gonna need to be kept up with whats happening now balrog… a live cam feed please on the spot where you are doing the DIY so we can note dates down on TPR history :stuck_out_tongue:


Um is that snow or just rain on the window. Looks dismal anyway.

Andy had the best of it yesterday.

It was snowing on and off here yesterday - woke up to about an inch of the stuff over the cars etc, quite late in the season for it to lay.

Been bright today, but some sharp snow showers this afternoon. Here at least, winter just doesn’t seem to want to let go :frowning:

Weather does not know what it wants to do :frowning: sunny/raining/hailing

This was about 1hr ago :wink:

Not bad down here in the south west. Sunny but very windy. Managed about 20 minutes of body boarding. Looked a bit strange in just shorts when everyone else was in full winter gear though.

Been wet for most of the day here in Leeds, started snowing around 5ish for an our or so.

the last pic i put up was snow balrog.
ill bet it will be hot again tomorrow… the weather is really haywire.
global warming is apon us :stuck_out_tongue:

Back that up. Saturday whilst aftersofting was lovely.

Down the wood sit was a nice temp and the walk up back to the barn was good because there was a nice breeze.

As for looking strange, how 20 people in camo and carrying+playing with toy guns not look strange :chuckle: