Air Temperature

That’s in the shade, outside, as of 10-30 hrs

33oC in a semi shaded area over here in North Wales, lucky on me though I get to go work now in a 45oC phot lab without any air con or fans, mmm union.

That about normal here in Georgia :slight_smile: Highs this time a year run 30 c to 32 c , but we all have a/c. (Thank God!)

'Tis a bit warm today!

Originally posted by TonyP
That about normal here in Georgia :slight_smile: Highs this time a year run 30 c to 32 c , but we all have a/c. (Thank God!)

How well do you lot handle the heat? I spose all the places are a/c?
I for one despise the heat, Im somewhat of a control freak i think and as I dont have utter control over body temp it makes me uncomfterable.

29C here in London and set to rise to 33C


Yesterday it was 31°c in our office, the air con just can’t handle the heat :frowning:

12-30 still in the shade :eek:

I’m about as hot as a speedyj in a rubber suit right now…

I don’t have a thermometer though :eek:

Days like this make me really really glad I’ve managed to avoid ever having to work in the City for more than a day or two at a time. Slow moving trains with no aircon and standing room only. Or even worse, the tube.

A couple of summers ago it was really hot and I caught the tube from Euston through to Upminster. After a broken down train deposited us all at Bromley-by-Bow for an hour (where we could do naught but watch the overland trains go wizzing past towards the same destination), the next one got a bit further and stopped dead in the blazing sun for about half an hour.
Right Guard could have made a fortune on that train.
And to cap it all off, when I eventually got to Upminster for a connecting overground train, there’d been a signal fault on the line and I had to wait another 45 minutes on the platform before getting a very crowded standing room only train that crawled along the line slower than a snail on valium.

A journey that normally took 1hrs 30 took over 4.

my office just hit 42 and the dam ac has broken down again.

but just wait untill the winter and we will all be complaining its to dam cold

Love to help M@tt, but since Saturday our thermometer has been displaying:

Too :censored: Hot!
And you can tell that Major bloke that he chose to live in the desert!

cold > hot

simple as:)

psi global : where abouts are you in the NE m8 ? edit: seaham, now i dunno where that is:S btw i live not far from middlesbrough:)

:haha: @ Mulda

Yes I did and most because of the wonderful winter weather. :nod:

July was one of the hotest on record. The temps were above 40 C every day. My electric bill was $450+. Most from AC.

We’ve got thunderstorms now. :eek:

TonyP, I think that’s been the average for THIS summer but it seems like I can’t remember a summer in the '90s where the avg temp was below 35C/95F. I remember a particular summer in early 90s where I was having to walk about 2 miles every day around noon and by the time I started walking it was 98 or 99 and broke 100 regularly.

I can stand 95 degree weather just not with the humidity.

31°C in shade at 18:18PM CET in toasted central germany.:cussing:
And working the whole day in an office without any AC or even a fan…
Only thing you can do is :glug: :glug: :glug:

Ben your prob. right its been a mild summer here :frowning: (bad for my bussiness)

Just cleared 40 C in the shade @ 11AM. Gonna be another hot one here.

About 38 C in the shade at 16:00pm here in south germany - and ac only for the servers… :rolleyes: