Airsoft Damage

Result of todays game…:stuck_out_tongue:

Took one of these

to the hand, arm and right hand side from a distance of less than 3 foot as I emerged from a door…

165 gas powered BB’s…:eek:

Not a very good pic…tis a pic from a V3 Razor…

Ouch !!
So you’re clear on the BCG test then :smiley:

What is that, like an aorsfot grenade?

Yeah. I thought I’d put a pic in the first post but it wasn’t working…edited to show it now…the actual grenade doesn’t come out the launcher…they just kepp 165 BB’s inside and gas and fire those…

Double ouch. That musta hurt m8 :eek:

Did at the time.

But looking back it was funny as hell…Itchy trigger fingers to blame.

It looks as if the grenade is a very directional weapon, more like a claymore…unlucky to get right in the line of fine m8!. cracking kill for ur opponent tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

when you get hit do u like on the ground sobbing softly to yourself or is it play on?

Twas game over.

One hit, and back to the safe zone. Games are about 15 minutes tops at this place when playing in the barns. So a brief retreat to the safe zone then back out for the next game.

Well the grenades are very directional, exactly like grenades…point and pull the trigger :stuck_out_tongue:

I just emerged from a door and this guy was to the right of it…we play if you that close you say bang…but sometimes you jump and just pull the trigger…

:eek: me hopes you’re not on my side if we go to war :lol: :lol:

um…why do you think I was shot and not him:p I paused…just…:frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: