All hail the MAJOR

Massive congratts on clocking 1 bar in BOINC in supa dupa style:clap:

Very nicely done sire:woot:


I’ll be there soonish:thumbsup:

:worship: Well done Major :nod:

:hail: :hail: :hail:

The race is well and truly on, you’re taking about 2k out of me each day :eek:

Superb crunching m8 :thumbsup:

Toppest crunchin Major :thumbsup:

Well done :slight_smile:

:hail: :hail: :hail:

Fantastic :cool:

Well thanks all! Not bad to do 400K+ Cobble Ploppers in a Month. The farm is pretty well cranked up now. RAC is starting to level off. Once I get back from my little trip next week we will be pushing again to sort out the power issues. Only have 7 boxes running now and the heat has not been an issue yet.

I’m only a SETI guy, what are you crunching these days MAOJC as I’m heading you’re way in SETI BOINC, and I don’t like to stomp someone lying down :wink:

Aww g’wan. You know you want to. :smiley:

I will do, I just don’t want to awaken a sleeping beast…not that you’re a beast or anything Major :rolleyes:

My hat’s off to you!! :slight_smile:

He’s currently stomping the beasts in rosetta…
wait…i mean Nightlord:p

The beasts of the night have him well under control on Rosetta. Sure, he came close last week: but true to their calling, the beasts rose to the task. Rest still in your beds my friends, fore he is vanquished to spend spring time in Michigan and will not return to haunt us :wink:

well, at least not for a couple of days!

Go for it on Seti, R33! It’s not so often you get a stomp on The Major

enjoy :wave:

R33 you slacker, Rosetta is the current project but once this pesky Nightlordy is out of the way, I’ll be back to claim my Seti position.

Doh! Well I’m still a way off stomping you anyway, it will be sweet while it lasts :wink: