All nostalgic

I’ve got my original SETI cruncher back online…:smiley: (possibly only for the holdiday :p)

And to celebrate, I decided to run SETI Classic…but it’s now stopped…:rolleyes:

So what project is most like SETI home? Folding!:smiley: Deadline less units, fixed point values, easy to run and hide…just like classic…

So now I have an XP2500+ running Folding deadlineless units (just in case it gets left on while I’m away ;))

Oh but DT…you’ve got a couple of weeks before I start the serious (but short) attempt on you SIMAP position:D

go on that athlon :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

also come on gaz cant you get me any quicker ? :wink:

I need to get some decent soldering kit to resurect (sp?) some old kit to up the crunching power here…till then i’ll let you get ahead a bit… :wink:

crap excuse slacker… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: Ive only 2 24/7 rigs here… and there measly compared to your fine rigs :stuck_out_tongue: slap them harder !!